The following are a list of classes that I will be teaching.

July 2016

9-10: Josephine in her Grandmother's Attic
Piecemaker's in Costa Mesa, CA

Josephine is a 10-inch jointed doll who is playing in her grandmother's attic.  A box is converted into an attic which includes a trunk for Josephine to find old clothes to play in, a mirror to see how she looks, and many other items found in an attic.  She's a fun doll to make with beaded joints and a cute outfit.  In the trunk is old fashioned skirt and blouse for her to try on.

May 2017

19-25: Stargazey Fiber Art Doll Cruise
Seattle, Washington

A 7-day cruise to Alaska's Inland Passage going to Juneau, Skagway, Victoria, and others.  There are two-full days at sea for classes, and two other days with either a morning session or an afternoon session for classes.  See Classes for more details, and contact our travel agent - Barbara Roby at