Doll makers checking in

March 6th, 2014

Many of you know how I love seeing photos of what you have done using my patterns and books.  Recently Gerry Smeltzer from Eureka, California sent a photo of her version of Tania from my book Creative Cloth Doll Faces.

I love what she did with the doll.  And, check out the fabulous quilt behind her doll, whom she named Marie.  Thank you Gerry, for sending this photo.  I love your doll.



Special ending soon

December 12th, 2013

Those of you who receive my eNewsletter and read my home page know I’ve had a special offer until Dec. 14. When you purchase one of my DVD’s you can choose any pattern you want at no charge. If you purchase both DVD’s you can choose 3 patterns at no charge. This does not include tools or rubber stamps. ClothDollMakingDVDCoverClothDollInspirationsCover

Now that I’m almost fully recovered from my surgery, and I’ll be home for several months I plan on spending more time on my poor blog. I also think Facebook occupied a bit too much of my time and even though I do like Facebook, I like my blog more.

Merry Christmas!

From okay to terrific

August 12th, 2012

In finishing Laurelin, the doll I’ll be teaching on the February 2013 doll making cruise I made a head piece. It was okay, but not exactly what I wanted.
I really wanted a beaded head piece and worked on a couple. I had purchased the wrong size Swarovski pearls a year ago. Decided I needed to use them in the design. Here’s how she looks with her new “crown”.


Laurelin’s new headpiece

Here’s the older version:
Older version

Laurelin’s original headpiece

Retired Patterns

August 2nd, 2012

Here are the patterns that I have retired. When they are sold out I will remove their photo from this post.

Tassel Lass with rubber stamp

Stargaze Origami with rubber stamp

Perky Peggy sitting on a Posy



Dancing Chubettes – wearable dolls

Banbury Cross Beth

More images in next post. Filled this one up.

A doll in the making

March 21st, 2012
New doll

Doll for 2013 cruise

My goal is to keep up with my blog.  I decided to share a doll in the making.  This is the doll I’ll be teaching on the cruise in February 2013.  Every other year we have an all cloth doll making cruise.  They have been great fun and close friendships have developed.

I’ve posted a photo of Annie’s doll, and wanted to show my doll, although she isn’t finished.  She needs hair and her crown.  She’s an elf princess without a name.  She’ll have her name soon.

The doll body will be made by each person going on the cruise before we depart.  During the cruise we’ll do her face, create her clothing and the beaded joints.  Simple beaded flowers will be made, along with silk ribbon flowers.  Some embroidery will be done, too.  The kit supplied by me will include the beautiful fabric that her dress is made from, along with a bead kit and several other goodies.

If you are interested in the cruise go to for more details and also contact Barbara Roby at

Doll Exhibit

January 5th, 2011

Many of you know how I love Prague in the Czech Republic.  I've been invited twice to go teach there and will be going again at the end of March. BohdanasDoll

Bohdana Klatilova and the Czech Doll Club along with Bernina are sponsoring the first Doll Exhibit & Competition with classes in Prague April 1-3, 2011.  Marlaine Verhelst and I will be the tutors.  I'm so excited to see Marlaine.  I met her ages ago and have admired her work.

Bohdana has been a true friend and encourager for both Marlaine and I and I know this is going to be a spectacular event.

For more details contact:

To see what the doll club there does, go to their website:

This is one very talented group.

Marlaine's website:

Almost new book

January 5th, 2011

Yesterday the advance copy of my kind of new book arrived.  My publisher decided to create a compilation of my 4 doll making books.  It was hard deciding what chapters to include and which ones to not include.  I wasn't sure how it would look, or if I'd like it.CreativeClothDollCollectionCover

After receiving the book, I have to admit it is more than I thought it would be.  It is truly beautiful.

The book is like a complete textbook on doll making as it takes the reader from a beginning type doll to a more advanced doll.  We've taken the best of each of the books and put them in one volume.

The book is 304 pages, so quite large for this type of book.  It covers several ways of creating faces, bodies, hands, feet, clothing, accessories, and beading. 

It is very exciting and I'll be eager to hear what people think of it once it is released.

The release date is in March.  Keep watching by publishers website for the release date.

Also, don't forget to check out my publishers blog.  Lots of fun stuff there.


December 23rd, 2010

December has been a fun month for me.  I've been able to spend time with all of my grandchildren.  This week it is with our newest grandson – Theo.  He, and his parents, flew in from Belgium at the beginning of the week.  Theo2Dec2010 Even after the long flights, and not sleeping during most of it, he was in rare form when they arrived.

Theo is 11 mos. old and full of fun.  I should have titled this post "The many faces of Theo".

TheoDec2010 He changes all the time.  And, he loves to show off his two lower teeth.  He's working on his uppers at the moment.  We may have pictures of those before they return to Brussels.


TheoHeidiDec2010 John had not met Theo as he's not been to Belgium since Theo was born.  I've been twice, so have been able to watch a bit of his growth during his first year.  The first year is probably the one of the most changes.  Both physical and mental.  Theo is quite vocal, so will keep up with his cousins once we get all of them together.

Before they arrived John and I purchased a toddler bed and fixed up a bedroom for him.  I made a quilt for the new bed.  Heidi (our daughter) loves giraffe's.  I was able to find a wonderful giraffe print.

TheosQuiltDec2010 If you click on the photo a larger one will pop up.  We also found a little giraffe that has various sounds to help babies sleep.

  This is a wonderful time of year to spend it with family.

Merry Christmas!

Sample sale

December 17th, 2010

Some of you may have received my eNewsletter in which I announced selling some of my samples.  I'm clearing out space for new samples.  January will find me developing new dolls for classes and patterns.  And, Jan. 19 my website, as it is now, will be going away.  I'll no longer be selling retail, but you'll be able to buy my patterns from several online & in person stores.

  Marley is one of the dolls I'm selling.  She's a combination of several patterns from two of my books – Creative Cloth Doll Making and Creative Cloth Doll Faces. 


PattiFancifulFairyFanFront The other samples I'm selling are:

Patti's Fanciful Fan – 5 dolls on fan blades with interchangeable clothing.  Fun project and definitely a conversation piece.



 Stargaze Arca.  This is a box that can hold a journal or treasures.  It is made from all fibers with many techniques.  It was made to hold my Stargaze Stitchery Tome.  Since I'm teaching the Arca on my Stargaze Stitchery Yahoo group I will be making another one.


If you are interested in any of these items, go to my website and read more about the items then email me.  I'll tell you how to purchase them.

Hoping everyone is ready for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





DMC Project

November 29th, 2010

While in England DMC contacted me about doing a project for their booth at various trade shows.  When I arrived home there was a huge box awaiting me filled to the brim with every thread they manufacture.  They also sent me a birdcage to create a fairy scene inside.

I had met Mr. Davies last year at the Knitting & Stitching Show in London and purchased his magical book on knotted gardens.  I decided that was what I would do for the floor of the cage.  Yes.  I was out of my mind!  45 working hours later I decided to make a few changes. DMCFairyGarden1

My idea was to do cross-stitch, as shown with the black and white threads, a pond using seed stitch, then flowers using French knots.  I also started creating a path using a different stitch and woven leaves.  The photo to the right had taken me 45 hours.  So, I decided to knit some "grass" and use my embellisher (felting machine) to "grass" it up.  You can see the knitted piece before felting on the upper left side.

DMCFairyGardenGrass1 If you click on any of the photo's they'll take you to a larger image.

On the left is the knitted piece being "felted".  I find it helpful to felt on one side, then flip it over and felt on the wrong side.

DMCFairyGardenGrass2 This helps create the more grassy effect.  I also had to be careful to not catch my leaves.  I used a piece of tape to tape them towards the checkered walkway.

DMCFairyGarden4 After the grass was finished I started more French knots for flowers.  I used various threads from the magic box DMC had sent.  And the little curled up bits along the one path are made from DMC's Memory Thread.  This is beautiful threads wrapped around wire so you can shape it in any way you want. 

Because the knotted garden was taking even more time I decided to create a more fairyish scene by throwing down some Angelina along with the wool threads from DMC and felting them.  The tapestry I was working on is a 16 count linen, also in the box. 

It was now time to create the fairy that would reside in the garden.  I actually made 3 fairies, but ran out of time to complete them all.  I'll finish them after Christmas and take them to the CHA show in January and place them in the garden.

DMCFariyCloseUpBetter To create the fairy I reduced my "Leona" pattern by 30%.  Leona is normally 10-inches tall.  This reduced her down to 5 1/2-inches.  I had learned how to make fairy wings with Angelina and Angelina film from Rosemary Hernandez at the local doll club's Doll Camp.  Her sleeves and skirt were made from DMC's metallic threads.  Like a dummy I didn't take a photo of her before I placed her in the cage so didn't get many close-ups of her.  In her left hand she's holding a flower she's going to plant in the garden.

DMCFairyGardenFinished1 Even though she's too big for the garden, she still looks pretty cute.  She's actually one of the fairies that is planting the garden for the wee fairy folk, who are much smaller than the garden fairies.

DMCGardenFairyViewfromTop I created a few vines by wrapping some wire with DMC pearl cotton.  I added flowers I made with their wool thead.  You can see the vines in the photo taken from the opening in the top of the cage.

Now you know what I've been doing for the past two weeks.  John has been wonderful.  He's brought home dinner several nights so I could continue working.  I averaged 16 hours a day.  I did take Thanksgiving Day off until later in the evening.  And, Sunday's I only worked for a few hours in the afternoons and another two hours in the evening after church.

This was a fun project to work on and whenever you see DMC at any shows be sure to stop by and visit.  Don't forget, two more fairies will join in planting the garden.  Someday.