How do you make those hands?

January 25th, 2016

This is the number two question I get.  Number one is how do I do my dolls faces.  That is my most popular workshop, and it is now available at Galli Publishing Р

So, how do I do my dolls hands?  First, I trace my own hand on a piece of white printer paper.  I clean it up, getting rid of all the arthritic bumps and lumps.  I then reduce it several times and when I need a hand for a doll I find the proper size and use that.  HandTracedHandsReduced

Really easy.  I also collect hands from friends and family.  Hmmm.  Better restate that.  I trace their hands and then I have different hands for my dolls.  Very easy to do.

The key, though, is to make sure the fingers are spread apart.¬† If they are too close together then you’ll have a terrible time cutting in between the fingers once they are sewn.¬† You can see how I spread my fingers apart, so even when the hand is reduced to a smaller size I can still get my two stitches in between each finger.

That is how easy it is.  Have fun collecting hands!

Pattis Tissue Cover

December 26th, 2015
Pattis Tissue Cover

Pattis Tissue Cover

I saw this idea on Pinterest and bought a downloadable pattern. ¬†I didn’t like the way it was put together, so figured out one for myself.

This covers the square tissue box.  The first thing you need to do is measure your tissue box.  Mine is 6-inches tall by 4 1/2-inches wide.

You’ll need 1/2-yard printed fabric, 1/4-yard fusible fleece, 2-yards trim, threads to match, rotary ruler, cutter and matt.

Optional – rubber stamps

For the top cut two pieces of non-backed fabric 5-inches square.  Fold each in half and press with an iron.

For the tissue cover sides measure a piece of fusible fleece 20-inches long by 6-inches high. ¬†Iron this to the wrong side of your chosen fabric. ¬†Cut 4 sides from this 6-inches high by 5-inches wide. ¬†Cut another 4 sides from the same fabric. ¬†This isn’t fused, just plain.

For the pockets you’ll need to cut 4 pieces of fabric 9-inches high by 5-inches wide. ¬†Fold each in half and press with an iron. ¬†Add embellishments before attaching to PattisTissueCover2the sides. ¬†I stamped some of my rubber stamps onto flesh colored fabric and colored them. ¬†I then fused them to the pockets and stitched around them so that they would be permanent. ¬†I then added trim along the top of each pocket.

Next sew the pockets to the 6×5-inch tops that have been fused with the fleece.

Machine sew the trim to the tissue tops Рthe two 5-inch squares that were folded in half.  I stitched around these so that they would stay together before sewing the sides to the top.

The next step is to sew the sides to the top. ¬†As you do this, right sides together, leave 1/4-inch on each end. ¬†You’ll see why when the sides are then sewn together to create the box shape. ¬†You will now have something that looks like the photo on the right.PattisTissueCover3

Sew each side together, starting at the bottom and machine sewing up to the top.  I back-stitch as I start and as I end.

Sew the 4 other 6×5-inch pieces together. ¬†Turn the box right side out and pin the lining along the bottom edge.

Machine sew in place.  Turn this to the inside and press flat.  Also,  you canPattisTissueCover4 iron a quarter inch hem along the top as it will be hand sewn to the inside top of the tissue cover.

That is it!  Really simple and a quick project to make as gifts.   These are especially suitable for people in nursing homes where extra space is often limited.  They can keep their reading glasses, remote control for their tv, pencils, a small note pad, etc. in the pockets.  Plus they have a nice cover for a box of tissues.PattisTissueCover5

Have fun making these and send me pictures!

If you like using rubber stamps I have several available on my website. ¬†They’ll be there until the shopping cart goes away at the end of February.


Fun with paper

May 9th, 2015

I tried adding to my post on Lady Jennifer, but WordPress doesn’t make it easy to move text past photo’s.¬† Today, May 8, I took a Bible Study Journaling class and learned to use a product that blends colored pencils.¬† It is called Gamsol.¬† It is an odorless mineral spirit and works beautifully.

Journaling in the Bible

Journaling in the Bible

Gamsol with colored pencils

Gamsol with colored pencils

New doll and fun with paper

May 9th, 2015

I’ve been working on a new doll that I’ll be teaching later this year.¬† Her working name is Lady Jennifer.¬† Even though some of her “parts” don’t seem in the “lady” theme I think I’ll stick with the name.¬† The photo of the skirt shows a different doll body.¬† I didn’t have Lady Jennifer’s body done when I took a break to make the skirt.¬† Soon I’ll have the whole body done and I’ll show her here.

Arm for Lady Jennifer

Arm for Lady Jennifer

Skirt for Lady Jennifer

Skirt for Lady Jennifer

Summer happenings

April 30th, 2015

John and I just returned from an amazing 5 day trip to the Navajo Nation.  Canyon de Chelly, the Hubbell Trading Post, the mountains, scenery all breathtaking.  But, the Navajo women we came to service Рno words can express our feelings. NavajoCanyon10NavajoApr25Craft5


Canyon de Chelly, Arizona






At Broken Arrow Bible Camp, working with the Navajo women having fun making things to beautify their homes.





We are back home and I now need to prepare for two fun projects.¬† First, an online class on Dollstreet.¬† I’ve not done an online class in years, but know this is important.¬† So many can’t get to venues where we teach, so this is the next best thing.¬† This class starts in June.

Maridrial is a free standing, wired all cloth doll.¬† She’s 18-inches tall and full of fun techniques.¬† This class is great fun and one I know you’ll enjoy.¬† Here’s the link to sign up:¬†









And, my next “in person” workshop will be at Piecemaker’s Country Store in Costa Mesa, CA August 7 & 8, 2015.¬† I’ll be teaching one of my favorite dolls – Helen.¬†¬† She’s on the cover of my Creative Cloth Doll Couture book, but also included in the combined book Creative Cloth Doll Collection.¬†¬† To get more details contact Piecemaker’s at:¬†,¬† or 714-641-3112.



July workshop

April 18th, 2015

Due to lack of interest I’ve cancelled the July 3-day workshop.¬† It was short notice and I know it takes a bit of planning.

I will be teaching Helen at Piecemaker’s Country Store in Costa Mesa, CA the beginning part of August.¬† You can contact them for the details:¬†

Helen is from my book “Creative Cloth Doll Couture”, and is also in the large book “Creative Cloth Doll Collection”.

Presently I’m working on a new doll and will be teaching her in January.¬† That will be a 4-day workshop.¬† More details soon.

And, in September I’ll be teaching Peony at Fobbles in Cumbria, England.¬† One of my favorite places.¬† The shop is wonderful, as is the owner.¬†

The dates are Sept. 24-26.  Beautiful weather that time of year up in the Lake District.





July workshop

April 10th, 2015

Let’s see if I can do a better job of updating this blog.¬† The previous post cut off Elizabeth’s head, and there was a huge space between paragraphs.¬† Also, I miscalculated the cost of the 3-day workshop.

First, let’s see if I can insert her photo.DazzlingDaze2013Skirt¬† Okay.¬† Here’s the updated skirt.¬† I noticed all the photo’s that WordPress has put in my album have heads cut off.¬† So, I shall try inserting from my original file.¬† Here goes:

Elizabethe2Yes!  It worked.

It’s always a learning curve for me when it comes to anything technical.¬† Except for my beloved Bernina sewing machines.¬† Those I can figure out.

The dates again are July 16-18, 2015.  A deposit to hold your space of $250 is due April 16.  The total cost is $575.00.  This includes all supplies, use of Bernina sewing machines and lunch each day.  If you are interested email me at:


Master Class

April 8th, 2015

My next in-depth master class will be July 16-18, 2015.¬† This is a 3-day workshop in which we’ll focus on faces, hands, clothing, embellishments.¬† This is also limited to 4 people in the class which guarantees personal instruction from me.

What will we be working on?  Elizabeth from my book РCreative Cloth Doll Couture Рbut an updated version.

Elizabeth has several wonderful techniques – heat transfer dyes, applieque, found objects, simple beadwork, just to name a few.¬† She also wears a fabulous pair of boots.¬† If you are interested in this workshop, email me and I’ll send you the details.

The cost of the workshop, per person, which includes all supplies, instructions and lunch each day is $850.00.  This is limited to just 4 in the class.




Doll patterns available

April 4th, 2015

I neglected to mention Piecemaker’s Country Store as another place that carries my patterns.¬† You can go to their website and see what is available:

My DVD’s are available at

My rubber stamps are really only sold by me.¬† They make great bookmarks.¬† If you are interested in any, email me and I’ll let you know how you can purchase them.¬† Ready Stamps, a division of the Cerebral Palsey Foundation makes the stamps for me, so you are helping special people stay independent when you purchase the stamps.

Bookmarks made from my rubber stamps

Bookmarks made from my rubber stamps

Cloth Doll Inspirations DVD

Cloth Doll Inspirations DVD

Changes at PMC Designs

March 28th, 2015

Many of you know that the retail end of my business is being retired.¬† You’ll still be able to purchase my patterns from several companies.¬† I’ll be listing them in the newsletter I’ll be sending out early next week.

The final days for the retail website are now until April 1.  At midnight March 31 it will disappear.

Why am I doing this?¬† Several reasons.¬† I want more time for designing new dolls;¬† I want more time to do short term missions like the two I’ll be going on in late April and early May.

April 22-26 we’ll be going to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico to do a retreat for 120 Navajo women.¬† Really exciting.¬† Then May 3-6 we’ll be going on a work trip to Hume Lake to help get the camp ready for the summer programs.

Cloth Doll Inspirations DVD

Cloth Doll Inspirations DVD

Also, I need to work on the design for my next master class which will be in July.  That has to be done within the next week so I can get the information out.

In the meantime, keep making cloth dolls.¬† And, do come back here often as I’ll have time to update my blog.¬† About time, eh?