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Almost new book

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Yesterday the advance copy of my kind of new book arrived.  My publisher decided to create a compilation of my 4 doll making books.  It was hard deciding what chapters to include and which ones to not include.  I wasn't sure how it would look, or if I'd like it.CreativeClothDollCollectionCover

After receiving the book, I have to admit it is more than I thought it would be.  It is truly beautiful.

The book is like a complete textbook on doll making as it takes the reader from a beginning type doll to a more advanced doll.  We've taken the best of each of the books and put them in one volume.

The book is 304 pages, so quite large for this type of book.  It covers several ways of creating faces, bodies, hands, feet, clothing, accessories, and beading. 

It is very exciting and I'll be eager to hear what people think of it once it is released.

The release date is in March.  Keep watching by publishers website for the release date.

Also, don't forget to check out my publishers blog.  Lots of fun stuff there.

Shoe help

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

One of the frustrations of doing a book is some of the instructions and illustrations get cut due to space.  This was true with Helen's shoes in my book "Creative Cloth Doll Couture".  
HelenforTutorialClick on Helen's picture and she'll take you to a larger image.

HelenShoeCloseUp The shoes, and Helen's outfit, were inspired by the fashions of the 1940's.  You can't see them, but she's got silk stockings on, with garters on her camiknickers.  I would have loved being in my 20's during the 40's.  The music, hair styles, clothing, accessories were dynamite!  (That may not be politically correct today, but that was the word used for something that was outstanding during the 1940's).

For those of you struggling with Helen's shoes here's a little tutorial for you.

Following the instructions on page 36, complete Steps 1 & 2.  Cut out both pieces after you've sewn the toe and top seams, as shown in figure t.  The tricky part comes putting the shoe together.
HelenShoeStep3   Turn the shoe top, right side out (the red fabric in the photo).  Finger press the seams to smooth them.  You can see that the toe is now finished as is the top of the shoe.  The sides are still unfinished as is the heel section.

HelenShoeHeelPinned Open up the main part of the shoe top (red fabric), and the lining fabric (green) and pin them right sides together.  The sides of the shoes are still going to be left open.  You are going to finish the heel part of the shoe top in this step.  It looks odd, I know, but it works.  It would help if I had a video of it, but we still don't have a digital video camera.  Someday.                                                 Once pinned, sew down this seam.


           I've used white thread in my machine so you can see the stitches.  You will use matching thread.

HelenShoeStep6 Turn the shoe so the main fabric is outside, as shown in the photo to the left.  Finger press the seams to make them smooth.  You now have a finished top.  Next is sewing the sole of the shoe to the top.  This can be tricky, too.  More fiddly than tricky.

Follow Steps 5, 6 & 7.  What isn't clear, due to the photo, is what to do with the sole lining.

You'll need to pleat and pin the toe part of the shoe top in order for it to not get caught as you are sewing.  I think this photo will help due to the colors I used.

HelenShoeStep7 You can see the pleated toe part sticking out through the slit made in the shoe sole lining.  Follow Steps 8 & 9 on page 37.
                                When you turn the shoe through the slit the lining is right side out. 

HelenShoeStep8 You'll need to turn it again to get the right side of the shoe on the outside.  To do this, turn it through the slit that is now on the bottom, sole.
HelenShoeStep9                 You now have a shoe finished.  Except for the heels.  Those instructions continue on pages 37 & 38 and are easy to follow.

Cute shoes, right?  I may use these on my Ms. Maddie Hatter, although I think her feet are smaller.

I do hope this helps and you can make dozens of shoes for your Helen's, or whatever doll you are making.  Remember, all the dolls in my books are 18-inches and these shoes will fit any of the "girls".  But, you do have to have the Couture book for the pattern.

Happy doll making! 

Learning about Widgets through a book

Friday, August 15th, 2008

As you can see, I added a Widget to my blog.  I had no idea what that would do and am blown away at how easy it was. 
I’ve finished reading Stephenie Meyer’s first book "Twilight".  When I went to her website I saw a movie will soon be released.  Went to that website and saw I could add a Widget and Typepad was listed. 
Living with a family who’s roots are from Transylvania I have been fascinated with vampires.  This surprises many of my friends at church.  But, it’s just like any other fantasy story.  Stephenie’s books are charming and very sweet.  Yes, there are bad vampires, but the ones you get to know in "Twilight" are good ones.  Mostly.  I’m not saying another word.  Just go buy the book and read it.