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Correction to the June Happenings

Monday, July 9th, 2007

One of the pictures didn’t post. Of course, it was an “operator” error. In my excitement in sharing my trip to Connecticut and New Jersey I chose the wrong photo for the Garden State Artisans doll group. Here’s the proper photo:
While I’m sharing, I’ll show a couple dolls made from the class I taught at Carol Mitchell’s in May. The Manhattan group chose Franalizia from my new book “Creative Cloth Doll Beading”. Here are two beautiful dolls from that class:

June happenings

Monday, July 9th, 2007

June was quite a busy month. I was able to go back to New York City and catch up with Carol Mitchell and see a couple more stores I missed in May. B&J Fabrics was magic! I fell in love with some of the most exquisite fabrics. Afraid all I could do was look. The ones I loved were over $600.00 a yard! I did find some interesting fabrics I bought. Nylon Web Organza was one I couldn’t resist. That and some crinkle silk.
After shopping I went to Carols and Marilyn Halcomb, Lyn Huggins (from Australia) and Gloria Winer (from New Jersey) were there. We had a great evening talking dolls and fabrics.
The next day I was collected at the hotel and driven to Edison, NJ to a quilt show where I saw some fabulous dolls on display and met Beryl Taylor. More on that another time. Then it was off to Connecticut where I spent two terrific days with the Dolls with an Attitude doll club. We laughed, ate, sewed, stuffed, ate, drew, painted, ate….you get the picture. Dolls were almost finished.
Sunday evening I was whisked away and taken back to New Jersey. This time I was with the Garden State Artisans doll club. Another fun two days.
Both groups made me feel at home. I fell in love with everyone and every place. I can’t wait to go back in January, although that time I’ll be in New York City at The City Quilter. Hopefully, I’ll get to see some of my friends.
Many people ask me if my dolls are hard to make. I tell them if they can sew, they can use most of my patterns. Here’s a prime example of that. Doreen is with the first doll she ever made. She used my Dominique & Lesley pattern. I think her doll is perfect.Doreenfirstdoll
Until next time, keep making dolls, and quilts, and wearables, and journals, and………….