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Perth, Western Australia

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Jaslyn and I figured out it had been 4 years since I’d been here in Perth. It seems like yesterday since I was here. The city is as beautiful as ever, and the people as terrific.
The day I arrived was warm, but fastly turning cool. A weather front was coming in but it didn’t stop my short visit with Dale and Ian Rollerson of The Thread Studio. I get to see Ian and Dale in London, but it is far more fun seeing them in their lovely home & studio.
Ian loves to rib me about President Bush. He does like our Governor, though.

Di, of the Fabric Addicts arranged my classes in Perth this time. And, she also talked Pam Grose into taking the workshop. Di, Pam and I stayed in an apartment hotel and this is Pam unpacking after a long flight from Brisbane.

I love everything Pam does. Do check out that skinny cat and the fun woman walking the cat. The other pieces are Pams work. She’s such an incredible talent.

The first workshop I taught here was my Viviana doll. The same one I taught at Anne’s Glory Box in Hamilton. We had a small, and fun group.


It was fun watching Pam work on her doll. She ruched her dyed lace and attached it randomly along the arms and waist.
Marion proved that a doll could be made during a two day workshop. The shoes aren’t finished, but you can see the beautiful beading both she, and Pam, have done.

My next class was my Stargaze Stitchery Tome Arca. Jenny Green had started a group through the Western Australia Doll Makers and asked Di to organize a workshop for the final project – the Arca. We had a fun day painting, burning, coloring, melting, collaging, etc.


Tomorrow, August 27, I’m off to Adelaide. Stay tuned for more fun photo’s.


Monday, August 20th, 2007

Geelong was my next stop. I love spending time with the Trolly Dolly’s. My hosts, Ray and Kerri, took me to see the surf beaches one morning. It is almost Spring here, but still chilly. I love colder weather.
After the workshop on Sunday, Ray and Kerri took me on a delightful walk along the boardwalk in Geelong to see the Bollards Jan Mitchel has made.


Along the boardwalk we looked into the bay and saw many jellyfish. Sea horses live there, too, but we didn’t see any.



Did you know that the Trolly Dolly’s have Dessert Police? Here’s Debbie and Fay making sure we all get just one Jelly Cake.

It was hard leaving this fun group.


Hunter Valley & dolls

Monday, August 20th, 2007

After my workshops in Hamilton, Gloria took me to the Hunter Valley. This is the wine country of New South Wales. It is beautiful. We went to a wonderful garden, then had afternoon tea in a delightful setting. The perfect ending to a truly perfect week.


As I travel, I love seeing the dolls and other wonderful art people are making. Here are a few samples:

Wilma’s doll. Do check out the stump the doll is sitting on.
The Trolly Dolly’s shared dolls made from my last workshop there, plus some from Pam Grose’s workshop. Fabulous dolls.



Aren’t they magnificent?

First days in Australia

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

September 9 I arrived in Sydney and was greated by my fun friend, Gloria McKinnon. She’s been bringing we American designers over for about 20 years. This was my 12th year coming over and I love it more and more each time.
Gloria booked me to teach two Viviana workshops. We had fun making beaded shoes, flowers, doing faces, eating, drinking tea, chattering away, etc.
Teaching a class in Gloria’s shop – Anne’s Glory Box – is the best! Fabrics, trims, beads, charms, kits, etc., are there to give us inspiration, and shopping opportunities.

Gloria has been purchasing model dolls from us for years and the shelves are covered with them. If you are ever in Hamilton, near Newcastle north of Sydney, you have to stop by.
Her website is:


The first two photo’s are the first class I taught. These next 3 are the second workshop. Both were two days of pure fun for me.




That is Gloria helping Rae. See what I mean about all the wonderful things in the store?
Stay tuned for the next installment!

New flat things

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

In looking at my purses, after years of washing them, wearing them, loving them they needed to be replaced. And, since I’ve been playing around with my rubber stamps I decided to make a new purse. The end result was really lovely. Newpurse
I started by stamping 3 images onto white cotton. Using Lumiere and Pearl EX powders (by Jacquard) I painted the background. I used Copic markers to color the faces, hair and some of the chothing. Then I used Prismacolor pencils to add shading and highlights to the faces and necks.
While this was drying I gathered my collage bits and threw them down onto a pinkish cotton batik. I decided where to place the painted fabric and ironed a bonding sheet to its back. This set the paints and pencils. I do wash my purses, so needed to make sure everything was set.
Using decorative threads in my sewing machine I free motion sewed randomly all around the fabric. First, though, I placed fine netting over the colllaged bits to keep them in place.
Hand dyed trim was added and the purse sewn together. I’m still embellishing it, but did add some beaded flowers along one edge. The strap hasn’t been added yet. I’m using a Lucet to create a strong strap and will machine sew it in place.

I’ve also made more bookmarks. These are simply too fun, and so easy, to make.