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Perth, Western Australia

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Jaslyn and I figured out it had been 4 years since I’d been here in Perth. It seems like yesterday since I was here. The city is as beautiful as ever, and the people as terrific.
The day I arrived was warm, but fastly turning cool. A weather front was coming in but it didn’t stop my short visit with Dale and Ian Rollerson of The Thread Studio. I get to see Ian and Dale in London, but it is far more fun seeing them in their lovely home & studio.
Ian loves to rib me about President Bush. He does like our Governor, though.

Di, of the Fabric Addicts arranged my classes in Perth this time. And, she also talked Pam Grose into taking the workshop. Di, Pam and I stayed in an apartment hotel and this is Pam unpacking after a long flight from Brisbane.

I love everything Pam does. Do check out that skinny cat and the fun woman walking the cat. The other pieces are Pams work. She’s such an incredible talent.

The first workshop I taught here was my Viviana doll. The same one I taught at Anne’s Glory Box in Hamilton. We had a small, and fun group.


It was fun watching Pam work on her doll. She ruched her dyed lace and attached it randomly along the arms and waist.
Marion proved that a doll could be made during a two day workshop. The shoes aren’t finished, but you can see the beautiful beading both she, and Pam, have done.

My next class was my Stargaze Stitchery Tome Arca. Jenny Green had started a group through the Western Australia Doll Makers and asked Di to organize a workshop for the final project – the Arca. We had a fun day painting, burning, coloring, melting, collaging, etc.


Tomorrow, August 27, I’m off to Adelaide. Stay tuned for more fun photo’s.