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Free pattern

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

In my first website I had the ability to have a newsletter in which I included free patterns.  Blogs have pretty much taken the place of those newsletters and websites seem to have become more complicated.  Not sure why.
What I’m going to start doing here is adding some of my older free patterns, plus creating new ones.  Recently I’ve had requests for Natania, a Name Tag Doll. 

She’s only 4-inches high, not including her hair!.  The name tag can be beaded, or make a fabric name tag.  Meaning, the part she’s holding with your name on it.

The doll herself is quite easy.  You’ll find the instructions and pattern pieces on the link in the Sidebar.  It’s in .pdf format so you can easily download the pattern.

As with all my patterns you can make as many of these as you want.  Sell them, give them away, keep them.  Most importantly, have fun.

Do send me photo’s as I’d love to see what you come up with.