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Fun beginning of 2009

Monday, January 5th, 2009

This has been a fun year so far.  I've been busy working on a couple new projects.  Then Saturday, at the Piecemaker's Teacher Open House Stefanie Girard came and we started talking about our "studios".  She's going to put some photo's up of my studio on the Craftside blog.  Stefanie has written a wonderful book titled "Sweater Surgery".  I'm adding her blog to the blog links so check it out.  Also, check out the Craftside blog.  This is where our publisher features their books.  There are some fun projects on the blog from those books.
This photo is of a work in progress.  Many people like to know how I work.  The doll is Mikaela (naked) and I'm creating a new outfit for her.  I generally draw what I want, then create the pattern from that drawing.  I'll keep posting the progress here on my blog.  And, it has to be done this week as I'm teaching Mikaela at The Calico Cat near Seattle this weekend.

Aren't those fun fabrics?  Often a fabric will be my inspiration.  Or, a book I've recently read. 

Another question I get is what do I do with doll rejects.  If there's a head I'm not that keen about rather than throw it away I'll chuck it into a drawer.  As shown here.  Later I might use that head on another doll.
My new doll, Elysia, had some major problems.  I've been told my dolls are out of proportion.  I created her in perfect proportion.  She looked stubby.  So, off came her arms and legs and they were placed in the drawer. I'll use them down the road, I'm sure.
The doll on top has a problem in that I've lost her legs.  So, she's in there until I find them.  She's from the cover girl, VIviana, on my Creative Cloth Doll Beading book. 
This is Elysia with her new arms and legs.  I'm much happier with her.   She's my new teaching doll.  elinor peace bailey and I will be teaching in Florida the weekend before the cruise at a Fairy Extravaganza.  With that name I had to come up with an extravagant fairy.  She's a Friendship fairy.  She is holding a bag that is full of wishes for her friends.

So, there's a brief look at some of how I work.  As soon as I finish Mikaela's new outfit and arrive back from Washington I'll post more photo's.
In the meantime, keep creating!