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Home from OZ

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

I arrived home safely from Sydney after my last class in Canberra.  Diane Leftwich and Alan Tremain had arranged for me to teach from my new book "Creative Cloth Explorations".  Everyone loved the Shiva Paintstiks faces they created, along with other embellishments.
Bonnie and Diane had both broken arms, but they still did what they could.

Alan is an extremely gifted man in the textile arts.  It was terrific sharing ideas with everyone in this talented group.

Working with the Shiva/Markal Paintstiks reminds me of my oil painting days.  But, they are much easier to use.  I'm focusing more of my doll making and fiber arts towards using this fun, and easy medium.FaceUsingShiva2

I've shared this photo before, but this is a body I've colored using the paintstiks.  You can see the way they blend beautifully into the cotton fabric.

The best brushes I've found for this medium are stencil brushes for the larger areas, then small, short bristled brushes for the detail work. 

Many people think this medium is going to be hard to work with, but as the group in Canberra found it is not only easy, but the results are exciting.

Which reminds me, I had to cancel my mini-retreat in Julian at the end of April.  I guess people were a bit turned off since this was what I was teaching.  Hopefully, when I teach this again in Kentucky they'll sign up.  No more workshops in San Diego, I'm afraid.  The rest of 2009 is booked up and 2010 is fast filling up.

Liz Orban, who came to San Diego last December for my other mini-retreat sent a picture of her Aerin.

I love this doll.  Liz did a fabulous job embellishing her Aerin.  We used the embellishing machines and attachments to create Aerins clothing, dyed the silk for her skirt,  dyed part of the body and the silk ribbons, and mostly had a fabulous time.

Thank you, Liz, for sending a photo of your doll.  The colors and everything about this doll is simply fantastic.

Mini-retreats are a good way to spend quality time with teachers/tutors.  I highly recommend them.  They are limited to small numbers.  Never more than 10 people, so you get individual attention.   Plus, it is a terrific way of making new friends.  I know all those who were here in December hope to get together next year.

As you know, I love featuring dolls you make from my books and patterns.  Of course, with my new book on flat stuff, I hope many of you will venture into those pages and send me photos.  Karen Kline sent me a photo of her Mikaela.KarenKlinesMikaela

Karen's doll really reflects what is happening in the teen fashion market in Japan, England and the east coast of America.  I picked up a couple mooks (mixture of books and magazines)today at Barnes & Noble called Gothic & Lolita Bible.  Now, I'm not too keen on their use of "Bible", but these mooks have everything you need to know about this cultural phenomenon.  What I was excited about was the recipe's and patterns inside so teens can make things.

But, I digress.  What I love about Karen's doll is her use of color and the hair she put on her Mikaela.  And, her Lizzy is really outstanding.

Thank you, Karen.

That's it for today.  I'm a bit behind in a project for Bernina so may be quiet for awhile as I hunker down in my studio.  First, I'll need to clear a space so I can work.  In my frenzy of packing in between the cruise and going to Australia my studio looks like someone threw everything into a giant mixer then sprayed stuff all over.  Well, not quite that bad.  But, close.