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Spring Flowers

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

John and I returned last week from two beautiful weeks in Wisconsin, Illinois and Kentucky.  We were mostly visiting family and friends and looking around for places to relocate down the road.
This was the perfect time of year to visit the Midwest.  The flowers were in full bloom everywhere.

SpringFlowersontheFarm These beauties were all over the place at my uncles farm near where I grew up.

I had never seen this type of flower before and no one seemed to know, either.  I'll have to do some research.

SpringPeony My favorite flower is the Peony.  They come in several shades of pink.  This one is almost fuchsia. 
Everywhere we went the peonies were in full bloom and I loved burying my nose into them.  They have such a wonderful aroma.SpringFlowerswAnts

The flower below was scattered around the farm.  I hadn't noticed the ants until after I had taken the photo. 
These photo's were taken with my new Canon Rebel.  I'm thrilled with the quality of the images.

JohnatAllerton1 While near my home town, Bement, Illinois, I took John to Allerton Park to see the old Pioneer Cemetery where several of my ancestors are buried.  Unfortunately, due to all the rain they've had in the Midwest the cemetery is presently under water.  The Sangamon River is about a mile wide.  Where John is standing is .2 of a mile in from the Sun Singer.  The cemetery is .7 of a mile in but you can see why we had to stop.  We didn't have a boat, plus I wouldn't know where the trail was.  We'll have to go back when it has dried out.

ShanghaiGirlsCover One of my favorite author's new book arrived today.  Lisa See has written the book that inspired Chapter 5 in my Creative Cloth Exploration book.  "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" touched my heart and my Tome yahoo group did a fan exchange.  The other novel I love of Ms. See's is "Peony in Love".  That book inspired a challenge I did on Dollstreet.  We made beautiful Lotus shoes.
In this book Lisa See follows two sisters who come to America.  I can't wait to get started.  I know I'll love this book as much as her others.  I also know a challenge will come from this book, too.


Before I close this post I have to share a beautiful doll with you.  This incredible doll was made by Abi Monroe.  She's named her Willow. 

I love everything about this doll.  Abi wrote that this was one of her first dolls.  As I wrote her, she needs to keep making dolls.

I'm presently working on a fun project that I will share soon.  I'm having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for a few friends this weekend and am making fun name tags for everyone.  I'll take a heap of photo's with my new camera and share them here.  So, stay tuned.