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Saturday, September 26th, 2009

I've been having fun being with Heidi and Raphael in their new home near Brussels.  They've only been in the house two weeks but you'd think it had been much longer.  No unpacked boxes anywhere to be seen.  They are two of the most organized people I know.  Wish some of it would rub off on me.


Heidi is almost 5 mos. pregnant and absolutely adorable.  She thinks she's huge.  Just wait a few months, my darling.  Then you'll know what huge is.


The photo to the left is of their backyard and Raphael mowing their yard.

Heidi is on the deck on the 1st floor, but their basement is a walk-out, thus the reason she looks like she's on an upper floor.

Their backyard is a nice size and full of greenery, a Japanese style water fountain and a darling wooden building for lawn tools.  Perfect for these two and their soon to be child.

Today (Sep. 25) they took me to the Folon Museum, which is at a beautiful chateau.  I had only seen a few of Folon's watercolors on the covers of magazines.  To see his work in person is truly the best.  The museum itself is unique and very well laid out.  You start with his early water colors, then move on to newer work, his sculptures and multi-media.  You wind through several rooms and gardens to see his work.


This is Heidi and I by one of his sculptures in the courtyard in between the buildings where his work is displayed.  On the small photo's you can click and it will take you to a larger image.


The photo to the right is the chateau.  There are beautiful lakes, woods and paths on the property.  Even horse stables where you can ride a pony or horse.  A definite must see if you are ever in Belgium.  The weather has been beautiful, too.  Sunny, cool,, perfect.

Monday I take the train to London then to Winchester and later Torquay.  More pictures later.