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My Bernina

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

I get a lot of questions as to what sewing machine I use and like.  Easy answer.  Bernina!  Pattisewing1

Sunday, my friend and photographer came to our house to take photo's of my "studio" for the new book I'm doing for Rockport/Quarry. I had him take a photo of me with my Bernina 440.  Actually, it isn't mine.  Yet.  It is on loan from Bernina and when my contract is up I will be buying it.

Why do I like Bernina machines?  They have lasting power.  I do a heap of free motion machining.  This requires a machine to really sew fast, long and hard.  My Bernina never over-heats, slows down, gets cranky.  When I teach a class where we do free motion machine work the Bernina's purr right along.  Other machines have to be turned off for awhile to cool down.

BerninaProject The project I'm sewing on is a friendship journal.  Several of us made pages for each other.  That is the cover for mine.  I'll post a picture of the finished journal later.

The project to the left is one I did for Bernina to show free motion machine work using the BSR that comes with the 440.  A BSR is the Bernina Stitch Regulator.  Perfect for even stitches when doing free motion work.  The project is a tube covered with an appliqued scene.  It unrolls to reveal a place to keep a project safe while not working on it.

Elysia1a The doll to the right has felted shoes that were created with the felting/embellishing attachment that also works on the 440.  The attachment works on several other Bernina machines, too.  Part of her clothing and wings were done with free motion sewing.

CreativeClothExplCover And, finally, the project I did for my last book was created with my Bernina 440. 

This is kind of a blatant advertisement for Bernina, but you've asked and I have now answered.

Other Bernina's that I have are an old 1230 that I'll never get rid of;  two Activa 240's and a 200e.  Yes.  I'm a Bernina fan to the max!

The new book I mentioned earlier is one three of us are doing for Rockport/Quarry.  The other two are elinor peace bailey and Barbara Willis.  It will be a doll making book with a twist.  You can imagine what that twist is knowing how different the three of us are from each other.  The working title of the book is "Cloth Doll Workshop".  We'll be sharing our studio's and how we go about making a doll.  Patterns will be included for the projects each of us will be introducing. 

The projected release date will be Summer 2010.  Keep coming back here for more updates on the book, and other projects.

Happy doll making!