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Newest Family Member

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I've been eagerly awaiting the birth of our newest grandchild, who was due Feb. 10.  Guess he knew Grandma could hardly wait for him to arrive because he decided to make his appearance Jan. 10.

Familly picture Raphael and Heidi are the proud parents of Theo John Michel Dechief.  Even though he was born one month early he weighed a bit over 6 lbs and was 19 1/2-inches tall.  He will have to remain in hospital for awhile because he is early and isn't real keen on keeping breast milk down right now.  He'll mature enough and hopefully be able to go home soon.

Heidi and Théo 

Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?  Of course, he's got pretty good looking parents.

In Belgium Heidi was able to stay in hospital until today, Jan. 16.  This gave her plenty of time to be with Theo, which has guaranteed he'll grow strong and get home quickly.

TheoDay3 Theo isn't liking the uv lights to get rid of jaundice.  Most babies seem to have a problem with jaundice.  Especially those born early.  I did rotate the photo, but he is lying on his side in the photo to the left.

Théo phone home Raphael sent all the photo's to us and I really love the title of this one:  Theo Phone Home!

Theo makes grandchild number 4 for John and I.  We are so blessed.  I'll be winging my way to Brussels early February to help Heidi and Raphael with mostly cooking.  Both Raphael and Heidi are excellent in the kitchen, but I think they'll be occupied a bit when Theo comes home.  Plus, I can't let a new grandchild grow too old before I get to hold them.

Dazzling Daze

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Today, I finished the doll we'll be doing during my last Dazzling Daze here in California. DazzlDazeDoll2010

I do a 4-day workshop every-other-year here in San Diego County.  In 2012 John and I will be living elsewhere. 

Each time I try to come up with different techniques and this time we'll be focusing on dyeing and painting various silks.  Also, using Shiva Paintstiks to create a life-like face and body.

We'll be playing with some new products from the UK.  Sarah Lawrence of Crafty Notions has the yummiest new sparkling spray dyes.  And, we'll be using several Stewart Gill paints, along with Jacquard's Dye Na Flow.

The poor doll doesn't have a name, yet.  She's a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan and Thai. 

I watched "Lost Horizons" a couple weeks ago, and I think that had a bit of an influence on me as I worked on this doll. 

Those coming for my retreat/workshop will have several fun surprises, too.  It is always a wonderful time of gaining new friends and learning heaps.