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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

December has been a fun month for me.  I've been able to spend time with all of my grandchildren.  This week it is with our newest grandson – Theo.  He, and his parents, flew in from Belgium at the beginning of the week.  Theo2Dec2010 Even after the long flights, and not sleeping during most of it, he was in rare form when they arrived.

Theo is 11 mos. old and full of fun.  I should have titled this post "The many faces of Theo".

TheoDec2010 He changes all the time.  And, he loves to show off his two lower teeth.  He's working on his uppers at the moment.  We may have pictures of those before they return to Brussels.


TheoHeidiDec2010 John had not met Theo as he's not been to Belgium since Theo was born.  I've been twice, so have been able to watch a bit of his growth during his first year.  The first year is probably the one of the most changes.  Both physical and mental.  Theo is quite vocal, so will keep up with his cousins once we get all of them together.

Before they arrived John and I purchased a toddler bed and fixed up a bedroom for him.  I made a quilt for the new bed.  Heidi (our daughter) loves giraffe's.  I was able to find a wonderful giraffe print.

TheosQuiltDec2010 If you click on the photo a larger one will pop up.  We also found a little giraffe that has various sounds to help babies sleep.

  This is a wonderful time of year to spend it with family.

Merry Christmas!

Sample sale

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Some of you may have received my eNewsletter in which I announced selling some of my samples.  I'm clearing out space for new samples.  January will find me developing new dolls for classes and patterns.  And, Jan. 19 my website, as it is now, will be going away.  I'll no longer be selling retail, but you'll be able to buy my patterns from several online & in person stores.

  Marley is one of the dolls I'm selling.  She's a combination of several patterns from two of my books – Creative Cloth Doll Making and Creative Cloth Doll Faces. 


PattiFancifulFairyFanFront The other samples I'm selling are:

Patti's Fanciful Fan – 5 dolls on fan blades with interchangeable clothing.  Fun project and definitely a conversation piece.



 Stargaze Arca.  This is a box that can hold a journal or treasures.  It is made from all fibers with many techniques.  It was made to hold my Stargaze Stitchery Tome.  Since I'm teaching the Arca on my Stargaze Stitchery Yahoo group I will be making another one.


If you are interested in any of these items, go to my website and read more about the items then email me.  I'll tell you how to purchase them.

Hoping everyone is ready for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!