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A doll in the making

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
New doll

Doll for 2013 cruise

My goal is to keep up with my blog.  I decided to share a doll in the making.  This is the doll I’ll be teaching on the cruise in February 2013.  Every other year we have an all cloth doll making cruise.  They have been great fun and close friendships have developed.

I’ve posted a photo of Annie’s doll, and wanted to show my doll, although she isn’t finished.  She needs hair and her crown.  She’s an elf princess without a name.  She’ll have her name soon.

The doll body will be made by each person going on the cruise before we depart.  During the cruise we’ll do her face, create her clothing and the beaded joints.  Simple beaded flowers will be made, along with silk ribbon flowers.  Some embroidery will be done, too.  The kit supplied by me will include the beautiful fabric that her dress is made from, along with a bead kit and several other goodies.

If you are interested in the cruise go to for more details and also contact Barbara Roby at