Grandson & doll for cruise

Our first grandson arrived April 29, the day after I flew home.  I spent nearly the whole month of April in Orlando waiting for his birth.  But, I did get to see him in person for Mother’s Day.

Kieran, on the left, and Kayleigh are enjoying their new brother.  His name is Kayman.  He weighed 7lbs. 14ozs. at birth and was 21 1/2 inches long.  He’s a terrific baby boy.
John and I are enjoying having 3 grandchildren. 

The family picture shows our granddog.  Dana had just received her first summer haircut.  She’s a Golden Retriever and quite the protector of her family.  Golden’s are wonderful around children.  Very patient.

The Cruising with Soft Dolls is coming along.  We have nearly all the cabins filled.  Still room for a few more if you are interested.

Gail Wilson designed the doll that the rest of us will interpret.  I used Gails pattern, but did change the head and hands.  I decided to make removable clothing as I’m going to make another outfit for the doll to wear.                   Chrissyinprogress

She’s not finished, but I wanted to show her in her mermaid outfit.  There will be some beaded starfish added, along with a few beaded flowers.  In her hand is a flower made from silk cocoons.  That is one of the techniques I’ll be sharing.  When I get more of the cocoon flowers done I’ll take a photo of them separately.

The kit I’m providing includes the organza for the flukes, silk cocoons, the Tibetan Goat hair seen on the doll, and a bead kit with all the beads needed.  All kits are included in the cost of the cruise. 

For more information on the cruise contact Barbara Roby at
Or email me.  Keep checking back here for more updates on the doll.  As soon as everyone else gets their projects done I’ll post them on the Cruise blog.

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  1. Oh I can’t believe he came along the day after you headed home, that is hilarious! Already he is a kidder with a serious sense of humor. 😉
    Patti I’m thrilled to hear you had a great time. Granddog… the term had me chuckling over here.
    I wanted to write to let you know I just finished posting the latest news on The Pink Artist drawing. We have a button and all details can be found on my blog. I’m so Xcited about this project, the participation is beyond anything i expected. Artists are the best givers!
    Happy day to you, Monica 🙂

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