The grandchildren and Las Vegas

It has been awhile since I posted pictures of the grandchildren. Our daughter, JB, sent pictures of the girls at a pumpkin patch.
Kieran, almost 4 years old, and Kayleigh, now 15 months, enjoyed their time picking out the best pumpkins for their mom and dad to carve.

This past week and weekend found me in Las Vegas with a wild, and wonderful group of women. I arrived Thursday evening at Yvonne Nathanson’s and we drove to Maureen Adrezin’s home for a reception. Maureen is a fabulous weaver and felt artist. I’ll have to have her send me some photo’s. I didn’t take my camera. The next day 15 women arrived at the most amazing facility. A club house that houses large rooms for wood working, fine arts and we were in the quilt room. It was lovely having room to spread out. The photo shows several of the gals having fun dyeing their lace for their versions of Viviana from my newest book.
That evening Las Vegas’ sky didn’t disappoint with a beautiful sunset.


The first day included finishing the face, sculpting various body parts, dyeing the lace. The next two days were spent mostly beading. Dolores was showing how fun it is to thread a size 12 beading needle.


Winnie is consulting with Marianne as to which beads to use with her shoe. Actually, I was blown away at Winnie’s enthusiasm. I won’t tell you how old she is, but we all hope to be as adept at beading as she is when we are close to her age.


I can’t thank these women enough for inviting me to come teach a 3-day workshop. It was a delight being with them.


Watch for my next post on my trip to England. It was another incredible 3 weeks where I met more amazing people.

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  1. Debra Duckett says:

    Your grandchildren are gorgeous. They are getting so big. I wish I could have been with you all in Vegas. I hope to meet you some day. I guess I will have to come to you, since you have tried to come to Atlanta for the last two year and couldn’t get enough people for the class. By the way I am the one who made the pink fairy doll. Maybe next year. I am glad that I found your book.(first one)It has inspired me more than you know.

  2. Yvonne Nathanson says:

    Nice entry and photos of the Las Vegas workshop. The ladies were thrilled to have you here and you should see the beadwork coming from them. Mine is put away until after the first of the year but I’m anxious to get back at it. Thanks, again.

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