High School Reunions

John and I arrived home this evening after 4 hilarious days with some of our classmates from 1960.  This was our 50th high school reunion. PCHSClass60SchoolQuad1 The group to the right is just a few of us who went to the Saturday morning Continental breakfast and tour of the school.

From left to right are:  Steve Kerr,  Teddi Neal Nicolosi, Rosemary Davis Logan, Betty List Zaslowsky, Leona Spurling Nelson, Patti Medaris Culea and John Culea.

PCHSClass60CuleaKerr PCHSReunionCuleaKerr                    These photos show Steve Kerr and John Culea in 1958 and 2010.  These two were some of the "class clowns".  Steve refered to John as "you big dummy!"  He still does.

Steve was one of my favorite classmates from 1958 to 1960.  I loved his car almost as much as I loved Steve.  I didn't love Steve as a "boy friend", but as one of my best friends.  As you know I ended up marrying John in 1973.  But, in high school. I didn't like him.  I found my diary from high school and I wrote in my diary June 15, 1959 "Had a date with John Culea.  Didn't like him.  He kissed me at the door."  We've been married for 37 years so guess I got used to the kisses!

PCHSMemoriam We were amazed at how many of our classmates have gone on to Heaven.  We have lost 12, that we know of.  Two of the photo's are from a surprise birthday party my friend, Betty List, gave for me in 1958.  Shown are Anne Malmgren Raines, who went to heaven this year in March;  and Jim Round who was killed in a plane crash shortly after we graduated in 1960.  Below is Chuck Reedy, who was killed in a car accident in 1958. 

PCHSClass60MaryCoyles Below are a few of us who went to one of our favorite hang outs after football games – Mary Coyle's Ice Cream Parlour.  Mary Coyle's is still around and we had to go after the Homecoming game Friday evening.  Starting at the lower left is Rosemary Davis Logan, me, John, JoAnn Stephens Harte, JoAnn's husband Jim.  Then Teddi Neal Nicolosi, Leona Spurling Nelson, Hazel Schierbeek Andringa and her husband, Jack.  As you can see we can still enjoy ice cream sundaes.  What am I saying?  I'm a farm girl.  I always enjoy ice cream sundaes.  In fact, on our way home today John stopped in Dateland so I could have a famous date shake!

Our classmate, Bob Porter, and his wife Judie opened their amazing home to our class for our get-together Saturday night.  Bob and Judie are the most generous people John and I know.  They are very humble and are dedicated 100% to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Their home is built for entertainment.  We had Macayo's Mexican Restaurant do the catering and we all enjoyed catching up with what we have been doing the past 50 years. 

All I can say is I highly recommend attending your high school reunions.  They are fun, hilarious, emotional and rewarding.


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  1. Jan says:

    I enjoyed every minute of mine and yours. Thank you for sharing. What a fun time. My class was bigger and we had lost about 1/5 of them. So many people, so little time. We decided maybe not waiting another 25 years but doing it in 5 years again!! We had a beautiful memorial with all the pics of them in a slide show with music, beautiful tribute. I’m off to Houston show, Have a happy birthday, I won’t be back in time to wish it on FB, but know that I hope you have a a great day.. ENJOY. I love your sharing the family too. It’s great to keep up. Blessings, Janet

  2. Elizabeth says:

    How wonderful that you still have these get togethers! I love the photos of your younger years, brought a lump to my throat knowing that some aren’t around – even though I don’t know any of them! Definitely make it sooner than later!

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