Cincinnati & Second Hand Lions

The Creative Festival is becoming one of our favorite places to catch up with friends. Barbara Willis, elinor peace bailey and myself continued our Flat Day on the Silly Side of the Sea. Betts Vidal and Sally Lampi couldn’t join us in Cincinnati so we invited Karen Shifton and Judy Skeel to complete our fun group.
elinor is shown here sharing her quilt that is a memory of her life with Gary. Many of you know that Gary passed away last November.
Along with our presentation we each had a booth where we sold patterns, fabric, tools, etc. Most of the fabric you see in elinor’s is Heather Bailey’s new line. It is beautiful.
Barbara had fun sharing her love of all things vintage and fairyish.
My booth reflected my love of color, although I must make curtains to add more pizazz.


At each Creative Festival local doll clubs are invited to share their love of dolls. Here, the Doll Gatherer’s exhibited dolls and sold patterns and doll pins.


After the show I drove to my home town and visited with my dad and uncle. One of their early evening pasttimes is picking off rabbits that wander near the garden. If you’ve seen the movie “Second Hand Lions” you’ll appreciate this photo.


3 Responses to “Cincinnati & Second Hand Lions”

  1. Oh my goodness, your dad and uncle do look like the second hand lions! Great photo!

  2. Katie says:

    Wonderful! Most of the photos aren’t available to see larger though. 🙁

  3. li says:

    I actually snorted when I saw the picture of your dad and uncle! Hah! Also, I second the comment about the photos being so darned small! I want to see what that is on top of Elinors Head!
    Love you all, li

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