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elinor peace bailey, Barbara Willis and I are gearing up for our Flat Day on the Silly Side of the Sea in Ohio. We’ll be at the Creative Festival June 28-30 in Cincinnati. All three of us are teaching classes, too.
What is the Flat Day on the Silly Side of the Sea? A fun demonstration and lecture from the 3 of us, plus Karen Shifton and Judy Skeel. Generally, we have Sally Lampi and Betts Vidal with us, but they had other commitments. Karen and Judy will join us in Ohio.
On top of the lecture and demonstration each person who attends gets a pattern from us. That means 5 patterns. Here’s a picture of my Flat doll, which is really a fabric journal:
We have a fantastic time. If interested go to:

As you can see, elinor is always in rare form at these events. Hope to see you there!

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