Dolls and Tomes

Last December I held my 2nd “in house” workshop. We all had a great time. We worked with all kinds of silk fibers and created dolls that were hand dyed, dressed in silks and embellished with beads. She’s also a workshop I’ll be teaching throughout 2007.
Another project I love are Tomes. A Tome is a journal, a work in progress. My Stargaze Stitchery Tome has been a huge success as a pattern series. I’ve taught other pages and will be adding them to my Stitchery Tome.
Each page has a different technique. The Hawaiian hula dancer uses paints, Tyvek and beadwork. The Japanese women includes painting and free maching stitching.

I really love making these flat things. I made a fiber photo album for our granddaughter, Kieran.


Quilting Arts magazine had a project for Coffee Cuffs in a recent issue. I had to try it out and used a couple of my rubber stamps and fabric collage. These are fun and easy and make great gifts.


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  1. toni todd says:

    Please let me know when you have another in home class.
    toni todd
    California City, CA

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