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Many of you know how much I love my family. Recently, John and I helped move my dad back to the farm. I thought you’d enjoy seeing a picture of the farm Dad grew up on. It is now a historical farm as it has been in the family over 100 years.Medarisfarm1
My grandparents raised six boys in that house. Dad and my Uncle Duane shared a bed. That is the two of them by the sign in front of the house. That’s me bundled up. This was taken in January when the temperatures dropped down into the teens (fahrenheit).
One of my cousins found a truly wonderful picture of several of us when we were children. This is the Illinois bunch. We’re missing the California family and this was also taken before more than half of my cousins were born.Before_our_time1
My friend, Sandy, captured the picture of me and using her magic with Photoshop placed my favorite doll, Radical Rachel, behind me. You’ll see it used often in my website.
Recently we had a mini family reunion here in California. Two of us were in the photo from the late 40’s, or early 50’s. Can you guess which two?
Actually, there are 3 of us in the older picture. My aunt is in both pictures. Hard to tell which one is our aunt/mom. She’s ageless.

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  1. Kaaren Lynch says:

    Your picture with Radical Rachel is just awesome! That is so special!
    I loved hearing the story of your Dad and uncle together at the family farm again. Your description of Second-Hand Lions (in another posting) was great. I saw the movie and loved it. Hope you Dad is just delighted to be back!

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