Changes at PMC Designs

No. I’m not neurotic. Yes, this is the 2nd time I’ve been at TypePad. I tried another blog system, but came back here because it is easy for me and easy for you.
The MerMiniTome shown is the project that we’ll be doing at the Creative Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio in June. But, first, I’ll be at The City Quilter in New York City at the end of April and at the Manhattan Doll Guild in early May. You can check out my web site for that information.
This is a short post just to let everyone know I’m back blogging away. There will be more added soon so come back often.

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  1. marlene derrick says:

    patti ,I have seen the news about the terrible fires you have I think close to where you must live!,I do hope you and your family are in a place of safety,my heart goes out to you all there.
    If I say say Mrs Locke you will remember me I think!!!!.Well god bless and keep you safe and strong willed to cope with the terrible destruction. marlene

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