Breast Cancer Awareness month soon

After sending off my doll for a fund raiser in October I thought I'd remind everyone to schedule your mammograms for October.  If you haven't had one for awhile.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we need to spread the word to get those breasts smashed.
SusanandHelen                                                                                                                            The photo to the right is my friend Susan (with the short hair) and her partner, Helen.  Susan had a double mastectomy in February 2009.  She went through a long series of chemo treatments, then excruciating radiation.  But, she has survived and is doing very well.  She developed a couple garments to help women after surgery.  It sometimes takes someone like Susan, who is a designer, to come down with a dreaded disease to come up with solutions.  You can see their products at:

PaulettesBreastCancerDoll This doll was done for a fund raiser by Paulette, a wonderful doll maker.  Like me, she's lost friends to cancer and wanted to do something.  She made this beautiful doll that will be sold at a fundraiser to raise funds for breast cancer research.

We may not have money to donate, but most of us can make something.  I highly recommend it.  You feel so good when you make something and send it off to be donated to a good cause.  Very rewarding.

Until next time, keep well.

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  1. Donna Cooper says:

    Beautiful story…and your friend Paulette’s doll is great !
    Donna Cooper

  2. Teri Einan says:

    Loved the doll and the story touches this breast cancer survivor that was diagnosed early because of my commitment to my yearly mammogram. I will make something to donate to our local cancer center.

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