Doll finished

The doll for Making Ends Meet auction for breast cancer research is finished.  The embellishing took far longer than the designing, as usual.
MEMDollFinished                                                                                                  As I mentioned in an earlier post, her clothing and a lot of the trims were purchased at Making Ends Meet in their home dec store.  Both the pink and the bronze striped fabric are home dec fabrics, but all silk.

I made tubes from the two fabrics and then made the silk ribbon roses and leaves in her hair and on her hat.        Her hair is also upholstery trim.  I love this particular type of trim for smaller dolls and wasn't sure it would work on this large doll, but it was perfect.  Type pad is being very twitchy tonight.        My sentences are ending up all over the place.                                                                                                                                       I decided my doll needed shoes, which were really simple to make.  And, the embellishments on her corset are from vintage costume jewelry.  I love going to Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores and buying bags of costume jewelry.  Her necklace is also from an old necklace that was falling apart that was perfect for the doll.                                                                                         
MEMDollFinishedCloseUp If you click on the close-up picture it will take you to a larger image.  There you can see the heat-set crystals I added to her face and chest.                                                           She was truly fun to work on.  A nice break from my normal type of doll making.  I highly recommend doing something like this.  It is very rewarding knowing that she'll be auctioned off and bring money for a good cause.  The website for the event is

Tomorrow I box her up and send her on her way.                                                        

3 Responses to “Doll finished”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! Very different from the dolls I’ve seen before in your books. Love the details and I too love recycling stores for allsorts of goodies – very well done, hope she brings in lots of money! Bethx

  2. Donna Cooper says:

    Patti…her face is fantastic ! Love the mis-matched legs….and the upholstery trim hair is perfect! Such a generous use of your time for such a wonderful cause !
    Donna Cooper

  3. shashi says:

    she is lovely Patti!

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