Cancer doll update

Today I felt like I was on Project Runway.  John and I have been redoing two bedrooms and my Making Ends Meet Breast Cancer Doll was sitting with no clothing and her face wasn't detailed.  From 11:30am to 3:30pm I worked on getting her outfit made.  We had a wedding reception to go to at 4pm, but back home by 6pm and I worked until 9pm. 
CancerDollAlmostFinishedCloseUpBest                                                                                                                          She still needs sleeves, embellishments on her corset, heat-set crystals here and there and a hat.  I've had more fun today working on her clothing and can't wait to get her finished after church tomorrow.                                                                                To detail her face I used Copic's Multliner SP's with the brush tip inserted.  She needed bolder features so the brush tip worked the best.                                                                                                            Her clothing was made from silk fabric I purchased at Making Ends Meet in Shelbyville, Kentucky.  The trim you see on her corset, and by the machine, is also from the shop.  The shop is the one sponsoring the fund raiser for breast cancer research.                                                                                              Because I was playing around with stencils and Shiva Paintstiks I didn't want to cover her chest.  I saw a documentary on tatoo's and several women who had had double mastectomy's had their chests tatoo'ed.  You can't see it but I outlined her iris' with Copic's Glitter pens, and the vines and flowers.  All was heat set with an iron to guarantee she won't fade.  When I get her finished I'll post a photo before she is mailed to Kentucky.  She's due on the 15th, so I must get her in the mail Tuesday.  I've not named her yet.  That will come before she's shipped off.

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  1. Judi W says:

    She’s beautiful – I love the ‘tattoos’.

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