Cancer fundraiser doll

While in Shelbyville, Kentucky in April I accepted the challenge to decorate a blank doll for Leslie's fundraiser for breast cancer.  The dolls are due Sep. 15, and the auction will happen later that month and run through October.
MEMBreastCancerDoll1                                     We each chose a blank doll.  There were 3 sizes.  I chose the size 3 toddler.  She's a pretty big doll, as you can see in this photo.                                 I drew her face then started dyeing her body.  I wanted to use dyes as I didn't want to change the hand of the body fabric.  The first dyes I used didn't cover the cotton very well.  They were new to me and are suppose to be earth friendly.           
MEMBreastCancerDoll2I then went back to my favorite dyes – Dye Na Flow – by Jacquard.  They aren't really dyes, but act like a dye as they penetrate the fibers completely.  I was much happier.  I sprinkled some salt here and there and ended up with the look I wanted.  I also used some of's new multi surface paints and sprays.  Gave her a bit more color.

MEMBreastCancerDoll3Best Next I used some watered down paints to add shading and highlights to the face.  I blushed her cheeks with their paints, too.  For her lips and eyes I used paints, and to deepen the shading I mixed PearlEX powders with Golden's Matt Medium.  You can't see it in the photo, but the deeper shadows around her eyes really sparkle due to the PearlEX.  Pearl EX powders have to have something to grab onto, thus matt medium, or other fabric paints with pigment work well.

After the body was dry I used a metal screen and some Lumiere to add a design to her arms.  I tested this on her body until I got the look I wanted.  I found using a stencil brush and very little paint worked the best.  You can see the final result on her arms.

Tomorrow I will use stencils and Shiva Paintstiks to add more designs to her body and detail her face.  She still needs pupils, eyelashes, eyebrows and outlining of the lips.  After that I'll make her clothing.

Here's the website that tells about the fund raiser.  It is under Events:

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  1. Paulette says:

    She is very sweet Patti. Wish I had known about the fundraiser. I would have decorated a doll. I know first hand how important fundraisers are for cancer patients and research. I’m sure someone will make a great donation for her.

  2. Talin says:

    She looks very good so far. I look forward to seeing her progress.

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