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Sometimes things work out for the best.  I had sent a doll to Australia for an article in their Dolls Bears & Collectibles magazine.  That was in April 2009.  The doll is still missing and the article was never published.  Which means, I now have her back.  At least the pattern.

Now, to the things working out for the best, I've had to remake the doll, which enabled me to add more step photo's to the pattern.

This is Ilmaria, Guardian of the Stars.  She's 16-inches of pure enjoyment.  She has a simple body, which means she can be embellished up the yahzoo.  Along with the pattern, with quite a few color step-photo's, I'm including the various laces and trims used on the sample doll.  

Ilmaria is the newest pattern on my website.  And, remember, January 2011 my website will be going bye bye.  I'll be moving everything here to Typepad, and shutting down the retail end of my business.  My patterns, books, etc., will still be available at Dollmakers Journey, Joggles,, etc.

By the way, her hair was formerly on a jacket I found at a thrift/op store/shop.  It is Tibetan goat, which is my favorite fiber for hair.  It was the trim on the jacket.  The jacket cost me $4.99.  There's enough of the fur left to make dozens of dolls.

This is a short post as I need to get myself organized.  We've been entertaining a lot lately.  This evening we had our pastor and his wife over for dinner.  I was forced to give my kitchen a thorough cleaning yesterday when my food processor got too full and spewed cheesecake fixings all over the place, and me.  The cheesecake turned out just fine.  Both Barry (our pastor) and my husband devoured a couple pieces each.

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  1. As all your dolls she is beautiful! Glad they enjoyed your cheesecake. I too had a similar experience when our pastor was coming for lunch home. My pressure cooker spewed the daal on to the ceiling lol! Had to do a fast forward cleaning job to get the lunch ready on time.

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