Today was the only day we could get tickets to go to ComicCon, but sometimes it is the best day.  It isn't as crowded as the other days.AvatarSmall

Avatar was there is full force with many new figures of the various characters from the movie.  Avatar and Alice in Wonderland are two of my favorite movies that have come out over the past several months.  I loved being able to see details up close.  You can't see the one wrist cuff in the photo, but I think it is made from Tyvek.  The wrist cuff on her left arm is all beads. 

ComicCon2010WhiteQueen Alice in Wonderland was also represented, but mostly with attendees.  I was able to catch the White Queen and one of her attendants in one area of ComicCon.  They were both brilliant.

One thing about ComicCon, many people come in full costume and play the part.  I found out that there are organizations for every film that help people develop their own characters from the film.  Many do events as fund raisers for charities such as Make A Wish Foundation.  

I go to ComicCon for several reasons – inspiration, finding out what the trends in toys are, and for pure entertainment.

PadmeStarWarsCostume I attended one lecture on costuming.  I wasn't sure what the 501st Legion was, which was the host of the lecture.  I inadvertently walked into a lecture that thrilled me to the core.  I'm a huge Star Wars fan.  The lecture was about the rules for the 501st Legion, which is an organization similar to the Society for Creative Anachronism, or the Ren Fairs. 

During the lecture they explained the limited budget George Lucas had for his early Star Wars films and how much of the costumes were made from things people would toss.  Like baby wipe containers, hamburger patty stackers, Boy Scout backpack frames, etc.

We were greeted by a couple Storm Troopers, and they stood around the perimeter as the lecture was conducted.  Very authentic.

Next year, 2011, the dates for ComicCon are July 21-24.  I highly recommend attending.

Oh, and Dawn Schiller was there with her dolls.  Dawn does fabulous dolls and does very well at the show.  There were all kinds of dolls at the show.  Many in cloth, clay and porcelain.  Tonner was there with all of their character dolls.  So, it is a show that caters to everyone in the fantasy, syfy, cartoon world.

I didn't get anymore pictures of our doll clubs exhibit as they had it packed up by noon.  You'll be able to see photo's of the dolls on the IOLCC blog.

Happy doll making!


3 Responses to “ComicCon”

  1. Judi W says:

    sounds like u had a great time .. I would love to go just to see everyone dressed up! Love the outfits, but why do those women look like someone is holding them up at gunpoint?

  2. JoAnne says:

    I absolutely LOVE Avatar. I liked Alice in Wonderland. It is one I will have to watch again to get truly involved with it. I can’t wait to see The Saucerer’s Apprentice.

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