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When July rolls around there is so much to do here in southern California.  My favorite is ComicCon.  This is a San Diego home grown convention that started out as a place to trade comic books over 50 years ago and has turned into a major media event.

Our doll club, IOLCC (Imitation of Life Construction Company) has had a doll exhibit titled Dimensions in Dollmaking for 19 years.  We generally have it in conjunction with the San Diego Quilt Show, but this year it didn't work out that we could.  Rosemary Hernandez, our president, and Lois Boncer, the VP hustled and got the exhibit into ComiCon.  This is major!
ComicConDIDComplete   About 126,000 people attend ComicCon.  They come from all over the world.  Today I saw people from Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, just to name a few standing outside waiting for the preview night.  The convention opens officially tomorrow, but like most places they have a preview night.

ComicConDID1 The theme for the doll exhibit was pretty easy for we doll makers.  We had to make dolls that fit into fantasy, SciFi, comic book characters, movie characters and the fairy realm.  In the past doll makers such as Brian and Wendy Froud, Gail Lackey, Dawn Schiller, and many others exhibit here.  I've met many artists that I admire, plus talking with the various people who attend is well worth coming.  People dress up as their favorite characters and the costumes are all hand made.  So, it is a convention that is well worth attending for those of us in the doll world.

ComicConDID2 Lois Boncer and her daughter Kristine set up most of the exhibit.  I was to help, but was late as a 91 year old friend had fallen and broken her hip and I was at the hospital with her.  I finally arrived at the convention center around 11:30am and helped a bit. 

As you can see, the dolls were all in the theme set by the ComicCon organizers.  Everyone made dolls reflecting some type of fantasy character.  There were dolls made from the Harry Potter books;  dolls from Alice in Wonderland;  Dolls from Lord of the Rings, and many other books, movies and comic books.

We all agreed that the doll made from the Hell Boy movies and comic books was the most true to that character.  All of the dolls were outstanding.  We only wish everyone who sent a doll could attend the conference.  If you ever find yourself coming to San Diego towards the end of July check out ComicCon and find out when the conference will be held.  I highly recommend attending.  But, do buy your tickets early.  Most of the tickets were sold out by the middle of March this year.  Here's the website info:                                                                                                                                                             


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  1. suki ali says:

    i really like the big one with the purpleish hair with the plad skirt and tie thats sitting on the bench with a sketch pad who made it i have to know i think its so cool!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s an awful lot of excitement!

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