Doll design week

Today I worked on Ms. Maddie Hatter's socks and knickers.  What fun I had.  I'll be posting a few pictures soon.  Who is Ms Maddie Hatter you ask?  She's the doll I'll be teaching on the next doll cruise.

Ms. Maddie Hatter Best Right now she's pretty naked, except for her socks and knickers.  The hat she's got on in the photo is not what she'll be wearing on the cruise.  In fact, she'll have several hats.

Part of what we'll be doing on the cruise is making several hats.  She's a hatter, you know.  She must have many hats. 

We'll also be working with silk cocoons adding all kinds of embellishments to them to add to her hats and to her purses.

It will be great fun.  Hope you can join us.  Here's the website for more details:

Today the September/October issue of Soft Dolls & Animals arrived.  Scott Publications does a terrific job of putting an issue together.  They like to include projects for all levels of doll and animal making.

But, there was a blatant copyright infringement in this issue.  Coco, the Jester Clown that starts on page 44 is a direct copy out of my "Creative Cloth Doll Making" book.  The person who made the clown didn't even bother to remove the markings from the pattern pieces.  All my publishers markings are shown in black and white.  So, afraid both the magazine and doll maker will be getting a nice little letter from the attorneys.  Glad I'm not in their shoes.  It won't be pleasant.

CCDMCover The project, Coco, the Jester Clown, used the pattern I designed for the cover of the book.  If you are going to copy someone, you certainly shouldn't use a cover girl.

But, no one should use someone's pattern and claim it is their own design.  I love it when people use my books and patterns to create dolls to sell, give away, keep.  But, you can't photo copy the patterns and use them in another publication and claim it is your own design.

Just a little venting on my part today.  Later this week I'll get back to fun stuff.

Happy doll making, and I do hope you send me pictures of the dolls you've made from my designs.

11 Responses to “Doll design week”

  1. Yve says:

    How awful, that’s so wrong! It especially annoys me as you are always so generous with sharing your expertise and patterns with people.
    The hat on your latest doll is stunning :o)

  2. JoAnne says:

    GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. NOBODY likes a THEIF, not even another theif. For someone to do this, it was truly stealing. This was so wrong.

  3. jacquie Corrigan says:

    Patti, I am sad I can’t come on the cruise with you. Hattie looks so cute!
    Those silly people — I mean, how hard would it have been for them to give credit to you for the design?!
    luv, Jacquie

  4. Debbi says:

    Did they think you were born yesterday? There is no reason for people to do that sort of thing.

  5. Debra Duckett says:

    Patti, I just got finished looking at that issue and I saw the jester and I was thinking that it look like one of your patterns. Wow!!! some people have a lot of nerve. Go get them girl!!!!!!!!

  6. Jayne Swanson says:

    Hang em high, Patti! I have used your patterns so much and I always give you credit. You deserve it! I have seen people put new patterns on websites and your pattern influence is very noticeable. I can’t believe that they can claim it is their original pattern.

  7. Deanna says:

    Like my husband said (when I told him what happened), it’s like saying you wrote “War and Peace” because you changed the font.

  8. This happened to me, too. I was young at the time, and didn’t do anything about it. The editor of the magazine removed the seam allowances and said that they were “hers.” At least the magazine is now defunct. G. P. (Teri) Jones

  9. Jean says:

    More disappointing than the gall of the person claiming this to be theirs – because some people are just idiots or will try to get away with anything. The fact that
    a professionally published magazine
    did not even notice the publishers marks?? Or that NO ONE on staff recognized the similarity to a VERY, VERY well known and design recognizable dollmaker that has been featured in their magazine, more than once?? Lost my respect for them.

  10. Kaci says:

    Very sad, glad you’re taking some action!

  11. Doll Design says:

    Great work. Nice article. But it’s really irritating to know that your ideas have been stole and used by people. The hat and the doll looks amazing. Keep posting your work.

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