Doll makers checking in

I love it when people send me photo's of dolls they have made based on my patterns or books.  EmilyBeckettsgroupie dolls,BobDylan,JimHendrix,BeatlesEmily Beckett made these three dolls for a project at school.  She won highest marks, and rightly so.  Emily finished high school in Australia last year and topped the state in textiles and design as "The most creative and innovative" with her Major in textiles work.  These three are "groupies" of major 60's musicians Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles.  She also wanted them to represent the civil rights movement, anti-war protests and the sexual revolution.  I think she hit that nail on the head.

After taking a couple crazy patch workshops with Gloria McKinnon, who also lives in Australia, I have started working on my own.  I'm teaching my Japanese Ladies in Waiting at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium in Charlotte next week and decided to do a crazy patch quilt block to show them what else they can do with the design.  Originally, it was designed to add to my Tome.

JapaneseLadiesinWaitingFinished2 I still have trims and handwork to do, but wanted to share some of what I'm up to.  In class we'll paint the ladies, using fun paints and Pearl EX powders to add shading and highlights.  This block will go with the block I created for last weeks class on Shiva Paintstiks.

GeishaInTrg14 As you can see, I've used some of the same fabrics.  This way I can eventually put them together, along with other blocks I create and make a quilt. 

Yes.  I do make a few quilts every so often.  I'm behind in making quilts for my grandchildren.  That is on the calendar for this summer.

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  1. Jenny Campbell says:

    Great work Emily your dolls look amazing, so too do your Asian crazy patchwork blocks Patti. Have you seen the Judith Montarno( hope that is spelt correctly)crazy patchwork books they are amazing and inspirational.
    Jenny Campbell.

  2. Emily Beckett says:

    Thank you Jenny, and Patti for posting my dolls. I’ve been so excited. Because I did so well my mum bought me the Bernina aurora 440 QE, its fantastic.
    Emily Beckett

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