Newest workshop project

When I was invited to teach at the Bernina Center in Prague, Czech Republic last year Bohdana asked me to teach from my book "Creative Cloth Doll Couture".  They chose Golendrial as the project.  I had sold the doll I made for the book, so made another one.  In doing so, I fell in love with the project all over again.

Goldendrial2010 She's a bit different from the doll in the book, but uses most of the same techniques.  I've been hooked on working with silk cocoons, so have added a cocoon purse, rather than the velvet one in the book.

You'll notice some sparkly things on her wings.  Those are mica-chips from Stewart Gill.  I love them.  And, you will also note she has a bit of an "Avatar" look to her.  Long neck and spotted skin.  I've found a wonderful batik fabric by Kaufman that is lightly spotted and comes in beautiful skin colors.

I'll be teaching Golendrial July 15-17, 2010 here in our home.  During the 3-day workshop we'll be able to finish her.  Those who sign up will receive the body fabric before hand with some pre-work.  During class we'll wire the body, fill up the body around the wire armature, finish the hands, draw, sculpt and color the face, dye the silk, paint various parts, create the wings, do the simple beadwork and make her fun shoes.

Lunch is included in the workshop, too, along with nearly all the supplies.  The only thing people will have to bring is the body parts sewn per the pre-work instructions, and a basic sewing kit.  Oh, and a sewing machine, but I do have 5 Bernina's to share.

If interested, email me.  I'll send you the details.

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  1. shashi says:

    Wish I could fly to come and take your class.

  2. Sandra says:

    Hi Patti, I am making Helen, and am having problems figuring out how to do her shoes! I get the toe and top opening done, then I am stumped, do I turn it to right side before I complete #3? I have tried both ways and am still having difficulty.
    Sorry didn’t know how else to reach you.

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