Silk Cocoons

Today I dyed about 40 silk cocoons.  I'll be teaching a class in Shelbyville, KY in which we'll use the cocoons.  Instead of taking time to dye them in class, I decided to dye them for everyone.

DyeingSilkCocoons1 I almost ruined the yellow and orange ones in the container above the ice-cube tray full of cocoons.  I used a microwave dye.  I had placed a test group of cocoons in the microwave and when the time was up the cocoons had opened and were hard and fried looking.  Thank goodness I stopped the microwave that the yellow ones were in before they got ruined.  So, those of you who dye cocoons don't use the microwave dyes.

The ice-cube tray is full of cocoons dyed with Dye Na Flow by Rupert Gibbon & Spider, and SetaSilk by Pebeo.  I prefer the Dye Na Flow.  You can't really see in the photo, but the SetaSilk dulled the cocoons.  The Dye Na Flow left them beautiful.

I still prefer dyeing silk with Procion MX dyes mixed with non-iodized salt.  But, Dye Na Flow does just as good a job.XiuyingCocoonIdeas 

The photo to the right shows cocoons dyed with two types of dyes, and how I use them.

From left to right, at the top – Dye Na Flow, Procion, Procion.  The bottom are both dyed with Dye Na Flow.

The cocoons in the center (red and green) are two cocoons put together then embellished.  I will use this cocoon as an embellishment on a purse.

I'm being drawn towards farming silk worms.  Just need to plant a mulberry tree first.

6 Responses to “Silk Cocoons”

  1. Mary McNeely says:

    Those are beautiful Patty! Are those the cocoons after the (butterflies/moths) have emerged?
    Be prepared for Mulberry trees to grow everywhere if you have one. We have a nuisance tree and it spreads runners everywhere. I have mulberry trees coming up from my foundation and all over the place in my yard.

  2. Mary McNeely says:

    Sorry Patti, I didn’t proofread my message. Didn’t mean to spell your name wrong. Fingers faster than my brain or vice versa

  3. Oh Patti!!These are good enough to EAT!!(he,he). I LOVE your sense of colour. I bet you had FUN!!!

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  6. It might take 10 minutes or 20, but that mess won’t be there for the next person to have to deal with.

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