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My Stargaze Tome Yahoo group are working on a challenge/exchange.  We're creating a needle book and are split up into groups of 4 and 5 in which we will make insert pages to keep various needles in.  Hard to explain actually.PattisNeedlecaseOpen   This is my cover with the front cover and the back cover's inside.  I wanted a description of the various needles and got the idea from Gloria McKinnon, of Anne's Glory Box. 

The insert pages will be made from wool felt, which keeps the needles from rusting.  Somewhere along the top, side or bottom of each page we are going to have an applique banner with the needle's name so we'll know that on that page are that particular needles. 

This will be a fun project and something we'll treasure and use.  Mine is still a work in process as the girls need some bead work and a few embellishments.

PattisPurseBest The other project I'm working on is writing the instructions for the purses I carry around.  Many people have wanted the pattern.  I explain how easy they are, but still get the request so that is in the process and is almost finished.

Some of my purses have images created with my rubber stamps.  My rubber stamps represent various dolls that are patterns or one-of-a-kinds.  The stamps are made by Ready Stamps, a division of the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.  So, every penny I give them for making my stamps goes to helping special people feel more independent.

And, because I love beading, beaded flowers help make the purses extra special.  All of the bead work is relatively simple.

Elysia1a Lastly, I was able to fix Elysia on my website.  She's now ready to be shared.  Her pattern includes 70 step photo's and illustrations which help make her easy to make.  Go check her out:

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