Mikaela’s large eyes

Many have asked how I create the large eyes on my doll Mikaela, and also on Ms. Maddie Hatter.  In the patterns I only had generic face drawing instructions.  Not sure why I did that, but since I don’t create patterns anymore I’d like to share with you how to create larger eyes.

As you know, faces are five eye widths wide, and there is an eye width in between our eyes.  On the larger eyes instead let’s say 1/2-inch wide & high for each eye it would be 3/4-inch high and wide.  You don’t want to double the size, but increase it by 1/4th or 1/3rd.


Not sure how to edit these photos.  The top left show the drawing of the eyes.  To the right is a finished doll (and yes, a green and brown eye).  Below is the eye shaded with Prismacolor Chocolate.



Next is the eye outlined.  To the right is the finished face.  Below, left is the iris filled in with Limepeel, then shaded with Henna.  To the right is the face outlined.  Then below shows the iris’ shaded on the darker side with Sienna Brown.

Some day I will learn how to edit here on WordPress.  But, you can see the process and I hope it helps.  Just keep making dolls!  And, Happy New Year!

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