Grandbaby and Prague

First things first.  I must share new photo's of our latest addition to the family – Theo John Michel Dechief.  Yes.  I keep putting his whole name, but I love the sound.  

These pictures were taken on Feb. 24, the day before I had to fly home.  He was making some of the cutest little sounds.  Almost like he wanted to tell Heidi something.TheoFeb24Best                                                                       


                        Afraid I'm having real problems with Typepad today.  None of the photos and text are going where I want them.  Sorry about this mess.

PragueArtNouveauBldg While in Brussels I had the wonderful opportunity to fly to Prague, Czech Republic to teach a class to a group of doll makers.

My hosts, Bohdana and Mirek, were truly amazing.  They made sure I saw as many places in Prague as I could in the short time I was there.

They knew I love Art Nouveau.  For those of you who have been to Prague you know what a breathtakingly beautiful city it is filled with Art Nouveau style  architecture.

The building to the left, I hope it is on the left, is one of those  amazing Art Nouveau places.

PragueCastleChurchMuchaWindow Below, hopefully, is a window in the gothic style cathedral on the castle grounds that was painted my Alfonse Mucha. 

Bohdana and Mirek took me to the Mucha Museum, where I learned that he started drawing beautifully at the young age of 7.

Below is a photo of Bohdana and Mirek in their lovely home.  The quilt behind Bohdana is one she did for Bernina.  Like me, she loves Bernina sewing machines and is one of their top educators for eastern Europe.
  Don't ask me what happened to the photo quality.  It was perfect in Photoshop, but certainly didn't translate well here.


Bohdana runs a Creative Center in Prague where she hosts all kinds of wonderful fiber classes.  This is where I was privileged to teach.PragueClassGroupFeb2010 

Nine fantastically talented doll makers were in the class.  Most speak little English so Bohdana arranged for an interpreter.  Dana isn't in the picture as she was taking it, but she  also owns a quilt shop so knew what I was talking about and was an excellent interpreter.

This is just a short  post on my wonderful time in Rixensart, Belgium with our new grandson, and my amazing time in Prague. 

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to travel and share my love of doll making, and to see my children and grandchildren as often as I do.  That is also one reason John and I will be moving from California next year.  We want to be closer to our grandchildren and California is simply too far away.

Until next time, God Bless and keep you,


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  1. Dolores says:

    What an adorable little one. Proud grandma posted some lovely pics. One day I will too…

  2. Jan says:

    You are so amazing Patti, to think of us while you are so busy and having ‘family’ time. Love the little one. You captured his talking to his mom perfectly. Prague looks beautiful. Many Blessings for you and John, Janet

  3. shashi. says:

    What a lovely baby and thanks for sharing your pictures.

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