Dazzling Daze

Today, I finished the doll we'll be doing during my last Dazzling Daze here in California. DazzlDazeDoll2010

I do a 4-day workshop every-other-year here in San Diego County.  In 2012 John and I will be living elsewhere. 

Each time I try to come up with different techniques and this time we'll be focusing on dyeing and painting various silks.  Also, using Shiva Paintstiks to create a life-like face and body.

We'll be playing with some new products from the UK.  Sarah Lawrence of Crafty Notions has the yummiest new sparkling spray dyes.  And, we'll be using several Stewart Gill paints, along with Jacquard's Dye Na Flow.

The poor doll doesn't have a name, yet.  She's a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan and Thai. 

I watched "Lost Horizons" a couple weeks ago, and I think that had a bit of an influence on me as I worked on this doll. 

Those coming for my retreat/workshop will have several fun surprises, too.  It is always a wonderful time of gaining new friends and learning heaps.

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  1. Jan says:

    She is beautiful Patti. Out of desperation, I began using water soluable oil pastels (on the face). I love to try new things. ‘Sparkling spray dyes’ YIKES, more new things to try – YAY! You are an amazing woman and I love learning from you. I understand about the move, but it will be so much colder than CA. And all my best for the new baby. Blessings, Janet

  2. jacquie Corrigan says:

    Patti, she is a beautiful doll! I can’t wait to begin. less than a week, now! I am almost finished my apron and having such fun with it — your pattern is so very easy to follow and your directions are spot on. Thank you for your creativity and expertise! Jacquie

  3. Talin says:

    The doll is beautiful. I love the dress and the shoulder bag. I especially like the bodice with the flowers. I wish I lived in California so I could take the class.

  4. Cynthia Harvat says:

    Hi Busy Lady, Congratulations on your newest grandbaby! This doll is absolutely beautiful! I love the textiles of her dress and purse! I look forward to your class at MMM in April and I hope you will bring this doll to show us! She is gorgeous! Have fun on all you travels!
    Cynthia in Kentucky

  5. Deborah Williams says:

    Hi Patti,
    You continue to always inspire me. I love this doll, especially the way the coat was embellished. I am currently working on doll #3 from your first doll book and I’m getting really inspired because I am working with the color pink, which I usually stay away from. Continue always to inspire because it is greatly appreciated and admired. Deborah in New Jersey

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