How to applique

Several people have emailed me about how I do applique.  My Stargaze Sewing Apron uses my technique of applique and I thought I'd share some how-to photo's.

StargazeSewApplique This is the finished applique on the bib.  I'll now show you how I go about putting the girls on the background.

StargazeApronDrawGirls In the pattern the girls are facing the correct way.  The clothing and hair are reversed.  I'll tell you why later.

Follow the directions in the pattern for tracing the girls, coloring and detailing.  Cut them out, per instructions.


As mentioned above, the clothing and hair are reversed.  Trace these onto the paper side of the bonding sheet chosen.

Cut out each piece and iron onto the fabrics chosen.  You will iron onto the wrong side of each fabric.



StargazeApronApplique4 The above photo shows the fabrics chosen.  Some fabrics don't have a right or wrong side, such as cotton batiks.  Others do, like the red fabric chosen for the fairies dress.

After ironing the pieces, cut out.  Per instructions in the pattern, cut areas for the arms and faces.  The seam allowances are included in the clothing and hair.


The wings are made from Angelina fibers and film.  This is explained in the pattern. 

I do love cutting up small bits of the film to sandwich in between layers of Angelina.  Adds a bit more sparkle.  Those of you who know me know how I love sparkle.


The lay-out of the girls is explained in the pattern, but it helps to see, in color, how it is done. 

Lay the girls down first, then the fairies dress, and last the girls dress.  You don't iron yet.


Cut out the wings, slip them under the fairy.  Place the fairies hair on, then the girls.  Add a star, or two or three here and there.

Follow the pattern for the name card they are holding, then iron all in place.

Do be careful and stay away from the wings.  They will be stitched in place.  If you over-cook the Angelina it loses its sparkle.

So, there you have it.  Simple and easy applique.  All is free motion machine stitched in place with fun threads.

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