Making dolls

As you know, I love showing dolls made by people in my classes, or from my patterns.  Last year I was teaching one of my newest patterns at the Calico Cat Quilt Shop in Auburn, Washington.  I had the best time with everyone in the class and a few have sent me photo's.

Mikaela4a This is the doll I was teaching.  She's my answer to the expensive, but wonderful BJD's.  What is a BJD you ask?  It is a ball-jointed doll.  Most are made from porcelain or clays and range from $700 to in the thousands.

I love these dolls, but can't afford one, so came up with my own version.

Mikaela, and Lizzy (that's her wee doll she's holding) are really fun to make.  Mikaela has the large eyes that are common in the BJD's. 

Her joints are created with wooden beads hidden under the fabric of her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. 

She is a pattern on my website, and presently has one option for clothing and a new outfit will be added soon.

Anyway, this is the doll we were making in the class.  Here are a couple sent from people in the class.  Their dolls are fantastic.


These two beauties are made by Marcia and Janice.  I love the faces on these two "girls". Also, check out the stockings. 

In the pattern I suggest childrens striped socks found at thrift stores, or on sale at childrens clothing stores or departments.  But, I've also found some pretty good choices in baby clothes at thrift stores. 

The other thing I love about these two is their hair.  But, I love their clothing, shoes and their Lizzy's.

The blond haired version is made by Ethel McLellan, who was also in the class.  Ethel's doll is beautifully made and so different from Marcia and Janice. 

That is one thing I dearly love about a class.  Everyone is making the same doll, but each doll comes out totally different.

Typepad and I are not getting along tonight.  I had Ethe's doll next to the text and now she's moved away.

The next SharonSheldricksDesiree doll, in the white and pink, is from my first book  "Creative Cloth Doll Making".  She is made by Sharon Sheldrick.  Sharon called her "Desiree".  She is a very whimsical doll and I love the expression on her face. 

I see Ethel's Vicki is moving further and further away, so best close this post.

Hopefully next time I update my blog Typepad will be functioning better.  I have loved this program and most of the time have been happy. 

Do send me pictures.  I love sharing with those who read my blog.




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  1. shashi. says:

    Your students did you proud Patti. They are all beautiful!!

  2. Bravo to your talented students! They really did a marvelous job. They couldn’t have done it without you!

  3. That has to be the cutest freakin’ thing I’ve ever seen. Love the yarn colors you used too. Definitely going to make one for myself! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Jordan 6 says:

    Maybe you got annoyed at hearing a popular female doll say that to little girls.

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