I returned last night from a great time in Illinois and Kentucky.  I first went to take care of some things for my Dad, who will be 91 pretty soon.


He lives in a retirement apartment complex built by two sisters who wanted farmers to have an affordable place to live when they retired from farming.  The gardens are beautiful and a great place to relax in the afternoon.

Behind the lattice fence is a huge vegetable garden.  The kitchen uses the vegetables for the meals prepared for the residents.  Dad and I spent a little time each afternoon relaxing in the garden.

After I was in Illinois I drove to Shelbyville, Kentucky where I taught a two-day class at a fabulous shop.  Making Ends Meet and Making Ends Meet, Again.  Oct. 3 & 4 they will have Pam Grose from Australia teaching. 


This is the group that took my class Sep. 18 & 19.  Annie Hesse (2nd from the right front row) helped arrange the class.  Leslie McCarthy (2nd on the left in the back row) is the owner.  She's so full of energy and a delight to be around.  Very supportive of the doll world.

Do check out the shop and their classes:

Tomorrow I leave for Belgium to visit our daughter and son-in-law then I go to England to teach classes.  I'm going to see if I can access typepad from my phone as I'm not taking my computer.  It is getting old and cranky.

Before I leave I need to show you some pictures of dolls made from my books and classes and from relatively new doll makers.


The doll on the right is Deena Maurus' Dora, made from a combination of the patterns from my book "Creative Cloth Doll Making".  I love the colors Deena used, plus the expression on the dolls face.  Very unique use of fabrics, too. 


The one on the left is completely different.  It is amazing how colors can make using a similar pattern look totally different. 

Both dolls are beautifully done.

Sue Powers tackled my Franalizia pattern in "Creative Cloth Doll Beading".  She did a fabulous job of interpreting the pattern.

The shells in the hair and the netting used on the arms really gave this doll a true mermaid feel.  The face is beautifully done, too.



Sue chose a beautiful setting for her mermaid, too.  Something I need to work on in my doll making.

Check out the bead work on her bust.  Everything about this doll is stunning.

My next post will, hopefully, be from Belgium showing our daughters first home.  And her tummy.  I can't wait to see how she looks being pregnant.  

I'll also take photo's of my time in England.  Hope  to see some of you there.

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  1. Patti, Happy to see your having a wonderful time teaching, sightseeing, and more importantly visiting with your Dad. He must be very proud of you, his darling daughter <3 Thanks for keeping us, your fans, and students, informed. Much Love to you in your days. Andrea

  2. shashi. says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely time with your dad Patti and the dolls beautiful. You must be so proud that you have inspired so many into doll making. Hope your trip to Belgium and England goes well. I shall be in India when you visit England and I am sorry I am going to miss seeing you and Barbara and Betts again this year.

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