Mikaela’s new outfit

One of the places I'll be teaching in England is Torquay on the Devonshire coast.  This will be my 3rd year going to Sylvia's place.  Last year I taught my Alchemy Treasure box.  This year it is my version of the BJD's (ball-jointed dolls) Mikaela.  But, I told them I would design a special outfit for the class.  The days have been ticking by and I finally got to her.MikaelaPartyBlogImage

She still needs a few more beaded flowers for her hair, and her purse isn't finished.  She also needs her wrist cuffs, but the rest is finished. 

I made her dress from a piece of silk crepe de chine I had dyed earlier in the year.  Her corset is fabric collage with one of my favorite embellishments dangling – fabric baubles.  I've found some wonderful floral shaped sequins and these added just the right bling to her baubles and shoes.

Her shoes are made from a black cotton with some machine embroidery and beadwork.  After the class she'll be the next outfit available for the original Mikaela doll.

Mikaela4a In case you've forgotten what the original doll looks like here's her photo.

She also has an Afternoon Tea outfit.

All of the clothing and shoes are removable so you can change her outfits. 

Yes, we grown-ups like to change our dolls clothing.

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  1. Wonderful dress! This is the part of doll making that is most challenging for me. I have to “think” about it for hours or even days before I can take a pair of scissors to fabric and start transforming it into clothing. I don’t know why!

  2. Jan says:

    absolutely gorgeous Patti. Doll clothing is a mystery to me. I use to make my children’s clothing, I can make, redesign patterns, and have no problems with mine. For my dollies, I drape and drape and. . . it doesn’t for some reason come together for me.. .. but then they become Wild Art Dolls 🙂 Blessings, Janet

  3. Ellen in Texas says:

    Mikaela’s new dress is beautiful. You are so talented, and I appreciate you sharing your wonderful work. Thank you!

  4. shashi. says:

    Patti your students are going to love her. I wish I could come too. I shall be out of the country during that period. I would have loved to have met up again at Alexandra palace.

  5. many thanks for this helpfull post, looking forward to this informative article like this again.

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