Doll Exhibit

Many of you know how I love Prague in the Czech Republic.  I've been invited twice to go teach there and will be going again at the end of March. BohdanasDoll

Bohdana Klatilova and the Czech Doll Club along with Bernina are sponsoring the first Doll Exhibit & Competition with classes in Prague April 1-3, 2011.  Marlaine Verhelst and I will be the tutors.  I'm so excited to see Marlaine.  I met her ages ago and have admired her work.

Bohdana has been a true friend and encourager for both Marlaine and I and I know this is going to be a spectacular event.

For more details contact:

To see what the doll club there does, go to their website:

This is one very talented group.

Marlaine's website:

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  1. Mila Strnadova says:

    Hi Patti,
    I’m so happy you are coming to Prague again and you will be teaching here. I’m looking forward to seeing you in course and I know I will enjoy it at all. Yours sincerely Mila Strnadova , Prague

  2. shashi says:

    Hi Patti,
    Wishing you the best in Prague. Having been to Czech Republic several times I know the people there are so talented in art and I am sure your classes and Marlaine’s classes will be a great success. By the way I am learning from Marlaine how to sculpt and she is a wonderful teacher.

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