Today I took an extremely enlightening class with Michael deMeng.  Contrary to what I had thought, this man is not from the "dark" side.  He's fun, entertaining and full of fabulous information and techniques.

MichaeldeMengClass1 Michael talks about and shows all kinds of painting techniques.  He mostly uses Golden products, which are very easy to find.

He does a lot of "washes" and dry brush techniques which can make the object look antique, or new.  It depends on what you want.


On the plastic doll head he used a white paint, then several washes to create an antique, yet contemporary look.  He also used a heat gun to "fry" the hair which made her even more interesting.MicheaeldeMengMyPez 

Michael lectures and demonstrates then lets you go to your work station and experiment.  We used Apoxy Clay, which is a two part clay that air cures/hardens.  We also used Dap Kwik Set.  Yep.  The one you use to calk your kitchen and bath sinks and showers.  Dremels were used to reshape and cut objects, along with wire, found objects, beads, chain, E6000 glue, and everything in between.

I took Michael's Pez Dispensing Totems and this is my version.  The things that look like leaves on the base are actually snake vertebrae.  That is a plastic doll head that I cut the face away from the back of the head, which got rid of the hair.  I still need to add something around the top of her head, but she's almost done.  And, the Pez dispenser still works. 

One of the things I really liked about the class was Michael does a critique at the end of class.  He goes over each person's item and points out the things he likes. 

MichaeldeMengClass2 My photo's of the all the Pez Totems didn't turn out so great, but you can see a few of them in front of Michael as he's doing his critique.

If he comes to your area run, don't walk, to sign up for a class.  Even though this isn't my medium it was a day of pure pleasure and learning.

I've added Michael's website and blog to my side bar so go check it out.

I intend on signing up for his class when he returns to San Diego, and I may see him at Art Unraveled next August in Arizona.

More on that another time.

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