Valley of the Dolls!

This past weekend I was up in the Los Angeles area with the Valley of the Dolls.  Talk about a fun time, and eat!  Oh, my goodness!  This group knows how to feed you.
Kathleen hosted the workshop in her amazing studio.  This woman is a talented seamstress.  She makes tutu's for ballerina's. 
Behind her head you can see a picture of a ballerina.  I'm mad at myself for not taking pictures of some of the tutu's Kathleen had just finished.
She's going to teach a workshop on making doll sized tutu's.  I'm hoping I can go up.  I'd love to learn.

The group had chosen my Penny Cassandra sewing caddy doll for me to teach.  Kathleen wanted hers to be an older lady.  She gave her Penny saggy boobs and jowls.  I can't wait to see the finished doll.

ValleyDollsNoreenLiz Noreen and Liz were busy working on their clothing for their dolls.  Noreen designs toys for a manufacturer and helped me with the construction of one of the lower sections of a doll I'm working on.  It is always fabulous having someone in a class who is knowledgeable with technical stuff.

I stayed with Liz in her lovely home in South Pasadena.  Saturday night she took me to a Chinese massage place.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  After standing on my feet all day it was truly wonderful to have my neck, shoulders, back, hands and feet worked on.  I had forgotten that a Chinese massage is deep tissue massage.  Worth every penny, believe me.

ValleyDollsWackyDoll The second day of a 2-day workshop is always interesting.  I think everyone gets a bit punchy and some of the things that happen are pretty funny.

Like this arrangement.ValleyoftheDollsGroup  I believe this is June's doll.  After turning around and seeing her sitting like this I had to take a photo.

Below is a group photo.  We were missing Noel Wolfman, who couldn't come the 2nd day. 

Because nearly everyone had done pre-work they had most of the doll done.  All they have to do is put the dress on, attach her arms and do her hair.

This is a fun project and not that involved.  But, what was the most fun was being with this extremely talented group.

By the way, I've added another Widget.  This one is some of my favorite music.  Not sure how it will work, so let me know.

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