Majestic Australia

Yesterday, March 24, I took a GrayLine Tour to the Great Ocean Road.  If you are ever in Victoria do drive here, take a bus tour, somehow get to this area.  It is truly a natural wonder.

Darryl, our guide and driver, stopped south of Geelong for morning tea.  He warned us about Vegimite.  You may not be able to see the slab of Vegimite he's piled onto the cracker.  Me?  I love it.  Full of Vitamin B, but many don't like the taste.

He also brewed tea and added Eucalyptus leaves, which adds a bit of sweetness to the tea.  I didn't know that and shall try it when I get home.

If we didn't want Vegimite with crackers, he also provided Lamington's.  I may not have that spelled correctly, but they are good.  It's a type of sponge cake dipped in chocolate, or strawberry, then coated with coconut.

After a short 20 minute morning tea break we were off to the Great Ocean Road.

There is no way of describing this amazing coast southwest of Melbourne.  The ocean has shaped the limestone coast into works of art.GreatOceanRoadApostles

Several of us decided to take the helicopter tour of the Apostles.  There used to be 9, but now are only 8.  Many years ago there were 12, but the ocean has sculpted them away.  Here you can see 4, and what is remaining of one. 

There are several places you can walk to see the Apostles.  But, seeing them first from the air gives you a better view of what they are. 


Behind me is Apostle #6, also referred to as the Two Sisters as they believe that someday the ocean will split these two and create two more Apostles.  And, yes, it was pretty chilly along the coast.  The day before I had purchased a long sleeved undershirt and this scarf.  I had been warned it would be chilly.

Further down the road we came to London Bridge.  People used to be able to walk across to the section to the right.  But, in 1996 a large section crashed into the ocean.  It stranded two people, but they were rescued a few hours later.  In about 100 years from now the hole you see will disappear and two more Apostles will be created.  So, eventually the 12 Apostles will be together again.

 As we traveled along the Great Ocean Road we saw kangaroos, magpies, kookaburra's and many koala's.  Exciting to see all of the wild life in their natural habitat.
I'll end this post with a photo of a Magpie, or Maggie as the locals call them.  I took this photo at Diggers Beach in Coffs Harbour with Don and Gloria McKinnon.  This Maggie was quite interested in some leaves in the hedge and hopped close enough for me to take his photo.

I love the way they wake you up in the morning as they chortle.  Yesterday, at morning tea near Geelong we had two who were quite interested in what we were doing.

It isn't only the wild life I love here in Australia.  It is the people.  I've made friends here that will last my lifetime.

It is a truly wonderful country.

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