Australia Adventure

From the cruise to Australia.  Life is good!  I arrived in Tasmania March 6 after a 27 hour flight from San Diego, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart.  My host Jan, and Marjorie from the doll club were at the airport in Hobart to greet me.  The next day started a 3-day Deowyn class.

After the 3 days we did a 1-day face class then it was on to a 2-day Aerin class.  It was exciting to finally meet Linda Misa, who is one of Tasmania's premiere doll designers.  I was thrilled to have her take my class.  TassieAerinClass
Lisa is in the middle in the red blouse.

I love going to Tasmania.  Jan and her husband Alan were wonderful hosts.  Alan took me to the top of Mt. Wellington one night after class.  My photo's didn't turn out very well, but if you ever get to Tasmania be sure you get to the top of Mt. Wellington.  The drive is breathtaking and at the top you are basically at the bottom of the earth.

After "Tassie" (how the locals refer to Tasmania), I flew to Newcastle where I caught up with Don and Gloria McKinnon.  I took a fabulous embellishment class with Gloria at her Ann's Glory Box. 

While in Newcastle we drove to Ann Maulin's so I could see her studio.  Ann has been in a couple of my books and I loved seeing where this talented woman creates.

We then drove up to their home in Coffs Harbor.  This is another beautiful area of Australia.  On the Pacific Ocean and full of wonderful wild life.  The Rosela's woke me up each morning.   Along with the Magpie's.DonGloriaCoffs

Don and Gloria still run Anne's Glory Box in Newcastle, but they bought a home in Coffs Harbour to be close to family.  Gloria teaches several embellishment courses at her shop in Newcastle, then travels up to Coffs to relax with Don and catch up with her sister, Lorraine. 

While visiting Don and Gloria we drove up to a wonderful town in the rainforest, walked along the beach, and had a fantastic relaxing time.
That is me walking on the beach near their home.  I picked up some fabulous rocks to add to our dry river bed at home in San Diego.  Sorry for all who have to lift my suitcase.

After my time with Don and Gloria I flew back to Melbourne and Jenny and her mum, Gwen, picked me up and we drove to Bendigo.  Bendigo, and the Good Time Dollies are another favorite of mine.  But, I have become such close friends with Jenny and her husband, Alan.  They treat me like royalty.

Alan and Jenny live out in the "bush" near Bendigo.  They survived the horrible fires that swept across Victoria recently.  Over 60 homes

were destroyed in Bendigo along with ColourCraft, a fabulous dye company.  But, at Alan and Jenny's the "roos" were gathering to clean up the feed that they provde.  Many local people have had to buy feed for the kangaroos and other wild life due to the long draught they've had here. 

My time with the club here was truly refreshing.  We dyed, drew, sewed, embellished for two fabulous days.BendigoGroup

Tomorrow I will be doing a bit of touristy things.  I'm going to the Great Ocean Road, then Wednesday to the Yarro Valley.  Thursday I go to Canberra then next week home.

In an upcoming post I will be featuring the amazing artists here in Australia.  We have a lot to learn from them.

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