A day with doll designers

Today was another amazing day in the life of a doll designer/lover.  Cyndi Mahlstadt and I had been invited by Sue Lieberman to come to a luncheon in honor of the doll designer, and Adele Sciortino.  Several doll designers were there and we ate, drank, shared, laughed, ate some more, shared more and had a truly fantastic "girlfriends" time.DollDesigners3

This photo is Cyndi and Sue talking about one of Cyndi's dolls.

Sue asked each of us to bring a few of our dolls to share.  Something we'd been working on recently.  Cyndi is known for her wrapped wire dolls, and the doll Sue is holding is one of those.


Adele is shown here holding one of Cyndi's fun dolls.  This is a June bug with a basket holding her "baby".  I'll have Cyndi send me a good photo of this doll.  It is fabulous.

Of course, many of you know Adele Sciortino and her fabulous costumed dolls.  If you don't know about her, check out my links area and look at her website.  She also has an amazing newsletter that is full of techniques, ideas and her wonderful costume art.
Do check out some of the food we were eating.  Yes.  We doll makers love to eat.
As I mentioned, we were to bring dolls to share.  The dolls that everyone brought were some of the best out there.  Kathy had some of her new felted animals.  Joan makes the most wonderful realistic dolls.  Hers are the ones in period clothing and the woman playing the violin.

I brought Mikaela (pattern doll), and my new Elysia teaching doll.  She's the fairy in aqua's and blond hair.

Here's a closer look at Joan's dolls.  I love the expression on the face of the violin player.  She's really into her music.

But, the man is wondering how much longer he has to put up with her playing.  Hmmm.  Guess he doesn't like music.

The rabbit you see was made by another of the women at the luncheon.  She had taken a class with Leslie Molen.  I wish I had taken a better photo.  Lois did a fabulous job making the rabbit.

So, there you have it.  A few pictures from a fantastic day.  I highly recommend getting together with your "girlfriends" and sharing your dolls, or whatever you've been working on.

Keep creating!

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  1. Thanks Patti,
    I love reading your Blog. How lovely to share your doll-making with other enthusiasts.

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