Fun with Shiva Paintsticks

While at Road to California yesterday (Jan. 15) I picked up a few Shiva Painsticks.  Mine were down to the bare nubs.  I had been thinking about trying them on a doll face and body, so gave it a whirl this afternoon.  I love the results!

They give a softer look than colored pencils, yet are easier than watercolors. 

I used stencil brushes and Fantastix (the empty spongy markers from Tsukineko) to both apply the color and blend.    I've not detailed the face too much as it takes 24 hours for the paint sticks to "cure".  I will then iron the face and detail her.

As you can see I colored her body, too.  Since some people might be offended if I showed the entire body, I only show the upper bust and head. 

Shiva (called Markal outside the U.S.) are an oil based stick.  They form a film, which has to be removed before you use them.  I'll post some step photo's later this weekend.

This past weekend I was in Auburn, Washington at a fabulous quilt shop – The Calico Cat.  I hadn't been up there in over 8 years.  Much too long to stay away.  Or, maybe a good thing.  Mary (the owner) has fantastic fabrics.  I came away with a good amount tucked in my suitcases.


                                                                                                                                                                Some of the gals who took my class brought mermaids they had made from the pattern I did for Soft Dolls & Animals ages ago.  I really need to find the original pattern and have her printed so others can make her.

You can see how wonderful these mermaids are.  I love the appliqued lips.  And, check out the inserted glass eyes on this one to the left.  Fantastic.

Pamela Gonzales brought her Valandrial she made from my Creative Cloth Doll Couture book.  Her version is better than mine.  Absolutely beautiful.  That is the doll standing to the left of the mermaids.                                                                       

Twenty-two people were in the class at The Calico Cat.  We made my Mikaela doll.  I had made a new outfit for Mikaela, but everyone made the original outfit.  We all wanted to make the collaged vest/corset Mikaela wears.

In my previous post I showed a picture of Mikaela (red-headed version) sitting next to the fabrics along with the drawing of the outfit I had in mind.  As you can see, the outfit turned out a bit different.  As they often do.  She still needs her fingerless gloves and a purse, but the pattern will be available by the end of January.  Each person in the class got the pattern for this outfit, but I still need to fine tune it a bit.

Here's most of the group.  There is one person hiding behind Dorothy.  You can see a doll peaking over the shoulder of the 4th person from the left.  As you can see, everyone got the bodies made and colored.  Even with everyone bringing the doll body almost put together, it is hard getting a doll finished in two days.  But, we all had a fabulous time.

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  1. I will definitely have to get some Shiva sticks.

  2. shashi. says:

    Hi Patty, it is always so nice to read your blog and see what you are up to. The Shiva painsticks have been in my mind for quite sometime lol! but I have not tried them yet. Thanks for the tip about using them on dolls. Thats one of the things I need to do once my house is in order.

  3. Looks like a great class Patti. From the pictures it looks like Marcia took your class? She took one of my tassel classes! Those Shiva paints are beautiful.

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