New book and dolls

This past week the editors at Rockport/Quarry emailed me a copy of the cover of my new book,  "Creative Cloth Explorations".  It is beautiful!Creativeclothexplcover

As an author working on a book you really have no idea what the end result is going to look like.  Through the years working with my publisher I’ve learned that they know what is best and have trusted them to create a cover that truly shows what the inside is all about. 

I think this book is the best yet, as far as the lay-out and cover.  We’ve finished the final editing and I hope the book will be released in early January.  You’ll be able to order it from all the usual places –;;; (UK); (Australia), etc.

Going through my files in Photoshop I’ve found pictures of dolls people have made from my books.  This is a photo from Jayne of her version of Franalizia in my Creative Cloth Doll Beading book.Jaynesfranalizia

This is a beautiful doll.  Jayne’s talent really shines through.  Especially on the face.  Absolutely perfect.  I love the beadwork and the treatment on her hair and bodice. 

Wilma Simmons in New South Wales (Australia) teaches beading classes at Anne’s Glory Box in Hamilton.  Recently Wilma has been using my rubber stamps and creating beautiful mermaids.

Most of Wilma’s beadwork are necklaces and you can see how she’s used two different face rubber stamps of mine then created bodies and neck straps from fabric and beads.  Stunning.

Over the next few days I’ll be going through my files and finding more photo’s you all have sent.  I love sharing your work with those who come here to read what’s new at PMC Designs.

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  1. Oh Patti, congrats on the new book! I’ll be certain to pick up a copy when it’s available. ~Monica

  2. Cindi says:

    Oh, you KNOW I’ll be buying this book the second it comes out! And I’m sure making this book has been a labor of love, just like all the others!

  3. Susie McMahon says:

    Hi Patti,
    New book looks wonderful – can’t wait to see it!
    I have added a link to your blog on mine – hope you don’t mind!
    Big Aussie hug,

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